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ISS Foresight
ISS Foresight - Protecting Our Planet! Experience Rapid 3D Visual Simulation as only ISS Foresight can deliver it. Effortlessly add 3D objects and elements, each of your changes and additions created in the 2D Designer are applied instantly in the ...
April 24th 2007 Commercial  5 stars 32,630k
3D Maze ScreenSaver
This extraordinary screen saver - from the aspect of programmer's solutions to the aspect of graphics and great openness for user's customization extended to total transformation - takes breath away even to the most sophisticated screen savers fans.
Whenever restarted ...
March 17th 2008 Shareware    7,074k
tkCNC Editor
tkCNC Editor is a text editor, specially designed for editing of CNC code (G-code) for CNC machines. It is used by CNC programmers and operators for fast editing and verification of CNC code. tkCNC Editor version 2.0 has implemented these ...
October 21st 2008 Shareware  5 stars 1,030k
Algodoo for Mac
Designed to encourage young people’s own creativity, ability and motivation to construct knowledge. The synergy of science and art makes Algodoo as educational as it is entertaining. Create and edit scenes using simple drawing tools, save and load scenes, start, ...
March 18th 2011 Demo    30,556k
Circuit Racer - 3D Top Racing Game - Best Time To Race
Circuit Racer is a fun 3D simulation buggy car racing game that puts you in the driver's seat to learn how to drive and race in drizzling rain or shine! *** High voltage adrenaline rush with countdown mode ...
January 11th 2013 Shareware    31,437k
Ring Toss or Throw - Focus & Strategy Trainer - 3D Arcade & Carnival Game
Remember the old-time ring-toss games at carnivals and arcades where you'd throw a ring at an array of bottles to win fun prizes?Ring Toss or Throw over bottles/cylinder - realistic 3d simulation addictive game in amazing look and feel with ...
February 5th 2013 Shareware    23,245k
Simox 2.1.7 Beta
Simox is a leightweight platform indepedent C++ toolbox containing three libraries for 3D simulation of robot systems, sampling based motion planning and grasp planning. The Virtual Robot library is used to define complex robot systems which may cover multiple robots ...
February 8th 2013 Freeware    9,216k
American Slots
The virtual gambling machine American Slots simulates two different slotmachines: a fair and detailed antiquarian 3 reel slotmachine from the 30T+s (but with new functions!) and a traditional minor 4 reel slotmachine. The principles of the game are quickly explained: ...
June 22nd 2013 Shareware    5,304k
Bowling Evolution
Bowling Evolution is a realistic bowling game for PC with online high scores. Compete against other Bowling Evolution players by sending your results to online world high scores. The game has 3D-graphics and realistic physics simulation. Replays allow you to ...
June 24th 2013 Shareware    9,318k
TNTsim3D 2008:74
TNTsim3D is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to enable you to fly over 3D terrains with keyboard or joystick controls. Use the professional TNTmips software to prepare Landscape Files (.sim) for TNTsim3D from objects in your TNT ...
March 21st 2013 Freeware    34,816k
OpenGL demo 4.3 B043000
This demonstration shows a 3D scenario with 5 balls interacting by gravitational forces of attraction, bouncing and showing bursts when they collide. The user can shoot to the balls and change its trajectory. Supported controls: Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick. OpenGL ...
April 5th 2013 Freeware    553k
Diffraction Lab Basic
Diffraction Lab Basic is a real-time 3D simulation of wave diffraction in a lab bench setup. It demonstrates diffraction from a square aperture, square array of point sources and two and three point sources on a circle. The simulation generates ...
May 1st 2013 Freeware    3,748k
Ring Toss or Throw - Focus & Strategy Trainer - 3D Arcade & Carnival Game
Remember the old-time ring-toss games at carnivals and arcades where you*d throw a ring at an array of bottles to win fun prizes? Ring Toss or Throw over bottles/cylinder - realistic 3d simulation addictive game in amazing look and ...
August 2nd 2013 Shareware     
Star Wraith 3: Shadows of Orion
Experience the thrill of flying in some of the most amazing space environments ever presented on the PC. See if you can survive fighting against SW3's aggressive AI, then take on the challenge of playing against other real pilots in ...
January 10th 2003 Shareware  4.5 stars 7,877k
QCake for Mac
A programming environment to develop Games, VR-reality, 3D-Simulation

Currently implemented features:
- Plattforms: Linux, Mac OSX PPC,Intel
- Hierarchical object tree
- Non-blocking scene display with PLIB
- Lens flare, fire and fog
- Particle and wave systems
- Cameras
- Project file using XML-OPML format
- Player controlled ...
February 24th 2011 Freeware    72,038k
Groschengrab 3
The virtual gambling machine Groschengrab 3 is a combination of seven classic german gambling machines from the 70/80T+s and one american slotmachine. Like in those days you put money in the machine and aim to make as much profit as ...
July 17th 2011 Shareware    13,312k
Visual Hexapod Controller
This project's aim is to build a 3D simulation environment to control a hexapod, and communicate serially to said hexapod when connected. This way new motion algorithms can be perfected without damaging your robot.
November 11th 2012 Freeware    670k
Billiards Lite
Realistic and very easy to play billiards simulation with five different games. Choose from 9-Ball, 8-Ball, Straight, 3-Balls and Snooker, with customized table and cloth color for each. Fully featured 3D simulation, giving you spin control, real-life physics ...
February 24th 2013 Freeware    19,968k
Microspot Safety Signs Library
A catalog of scalable, vector drawn, editable Safety Sign graphics for use with Microspot MacDraft and any other Mac OSX application, simply by dragging and dropping the symbols or by using copy and paste. A list of the main features ...
March 28th 2013 Shareware    104,448k
A 3D simulation of diffraction from crystal structures and Bravais lattices that generates diffraction patterns in a lab setup. Crystal lattice parameters, crystal orientation, incident wavelength and other parameters are adjustable in real time to produce a diffraction pattern on ...
May 13th 2013 Freeware    4,086k
AbszOrb - 3D Interactive Bouncing Balls
AbszOrb 3.0 is a fully interactive real-time 3D game / screensaver / simulation in which users are able to texture, arrange and otherwise manipulate universes of spinning orbs that interact and collide spectacularly in real-time. AbszOrb is a chaotic system, ...
October 30th 2001 Shareware  5 stars 3k
ThreeDimSim:3D Mechanics simulator
ThreeDimSim is a powerful 3D mechanics simulation and rendering application. 3D scene is defined by script using simple shapes and imported meshes from 3ds, dxf and stl files. Mechanics of solid objects are simulated, together with dynamic objects like springs ...
November 27th 2003 Shareware  5 stars 4,923k
Pool 3D Training Edition
Pool 3D Training Edition is a billiard simulation game you can use to learn how to play billiard games and enjoy playing the game with your friends. It truly simulates billiard physics including side ball spin, back spin, forward spin, ...
September 26th 2011 Shareware  5 stars 1,930k
AirHockey 3D
AirHockey 3D is a PC simulation of the classic air hockey game with multiplayer support.
This game inherits an attractive gameplay of its prototype. Its most distinctive features are realistic physics simulation, smart and active computer opponent, hi-tech 3D graphics ...
December 6th 2005 Shareware  5 stars 2,763k
Panda3D is a free 3D Engine.

Panda3D is designed to reduce the time and cost of game development. It features an unusually short learning curve, an extremely straightforward API, and strong resilience to user error.

It is ideal for projects where the ...
September 26th 2011 Freeware    51,988k
The Lost Watch 3D Lite
The Lost Watch 3D is probably the most unusual animated wallpaper you'll ever see. An absent-minded traveler dropped his golden pocket watch while crossing a river. A few coins fell out as well. Years went by, but the timepiece is ...
December 10th 2012 Freeware    11,366k
Flowmotion - 3D Fully Animated Wallpaper
Mindprobe Web-Innovations S.L. is proud to present its new series of fully animated 2D and 3D desktop backgrounds that will make your desktop come to life like never before. SCREENSHOTS and ANIMATED PREVIEW ----------------------------------------------------------------- Flowmotion v1.0 - This animated wallpaper ...
June 1st 2013 Shareware    3,144k
Free 3D Butterfly Screensaver
Free 3D Butterfly Screensaver shows spectacular varieties of 3D butterflies fly around the trees.This Screensaver shows the flying Butterflies and this is the most realistically butterfly flight simulation.It has many different types of butterflies with different colors.You can enjoy it ...
May 26th 2013 Freeware    5,263k
Freight Train Simulator
3D train simulation game. Take control of several freight trains and drive them to points of destinations in time! 10 levels, 10 trains.Requirements: CPU Pentium 1500 MHz or higher, 512MB RAM, Video 64MB or above
March 13th 2013 Freeware    52,214k
TARGET 3001! is a CAD-/CAE-software for PCB design. The integration of the schematic-, simulation- and layout data into one user interface, and the integration of these data into one file is revolutionary to the work of the design engineer. The ...
March 6th 2013 Shareware    33,075k
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