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Bind to EXE library
Bind to EXE is an easy-to-use Delphi/C++ Builder library that enables your applications to bind/extract files to/from an executable file at RUNTIME. It consists of two classes, TBindToEXE and TExtractFromEXE, corresponding to two working stages, i.e. binding and extracting stage.
In ...
May 30th 2003 Shareware  5 stars 1,587k
Exe Wrapper Exe Wrapper allows you to protect any Exe-file with its own password from non- authorized execution. And it can modify the main icon of the .exe file. If you mean to keep people out of your personal stuff, add ...
October 18th 2010 Shareware    765k
GAdmin-Bind is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for ISC BIND. It handles IPv4, IPv6 DDNS and so on.


· GTK+

Installation instructions:

GAdmin-BIND cant be installed without giving the correct configure options.

Named will be running in a chroot environment and ...
July 2nd 2011 Freeware    410k
Bind Computer to Active Directory for Mac
Bind Computer to Active Directory is a free Automator action that will bind your Mac computer to an Active Directory domain for user authentication and authorization.. .
June 2nd 2011 Freeware    72k
Image Bind
Create CSS Sprite. Drag images and drop this, thats it. (option) * Create CSS Mask Sprite * Create Half Size Image and Calc Size (available files) PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP
October 13th 2013 Shareware     
Word File Binder
Word Files Binder is an excellent tool to merge multiple word documents into single document. It is very fast and time saving software to bind listed word files in single word files without change in originals documents.
You can easily ...
January 24th 2016 Shareware    1,987k
Batch Word Files Merger
Batch word Files Merger tool can merge word files to make them a single word file. This software has the capacity to merge thousands of word files in one go and make them a single word document. The tool can ...
March 7th 2016 Shareware    2,383k
RemailPlus DLL
With just one line of code REMailPlus can send email to a mass number of recipients with unlimited number of attachments, connecting and disconnecting to/from the Internet with dialup networking when needed. With three lines of code it can bind ...
December 31st 2005 Commercial  5 stars 325k
CycleMan is a combination of three UNIQUE arcade games. Each game has two levels. Build closed loops by rotating tiles (Revolve Pipes) or connecting blocks (Bind Blocks)! Lock the blocks in a closed chain, and they disappear! It makes a ...
September 3rd 2002 Shareware  5 stars 908k
Create try-before-you-buy software, or run/time-limited demos. Bind powerful copy protection to any VB application. Wrap powerful protection to any application in seconds using just a few lines of code. Only two extra files to distribute with your application (.ocx & ...
November 11th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 1k
MoleBox Pro
MoleBox Pro allows you to link all the files your application requires into a single exe file. When packed with Molebox Pro, your app's media and data files are protected from prying eyes, and your DLLs cannot be used by ...
March 11th 2005 Shareware  5 stars 895k
AD Jungle Waterfall
Have you ever been in tropics where among freakish bind trees, from huge height water falls down. It is falling from the ledge which is somewhere in height, the cascade flows down on smooth stones direct at your foots. And ...
February 8th 2004 Shareware    2,323k
ActiveDB is a useful tool that helps you to easily providing intelligent data entry forms within Visual Basic6 programming .environment using OLEDB providers such as MS access, Oracle, SQL Server.
The type of ActiveDB control is data source. So you ...
April 29th 2004 Freeware    820k
CCXI XML Data Island Library
Use the CCXI XML Data Island Library and ASP table control to allow users to interact with an entire dataset--without having to constantly contact the server for processing.When you need to display a moderate amount of data and you want ...
August 19th 2004 Shareware    822k
SS Jungle Waterfall -Animated Screensaver
Have you ever been in tropics where among freakish bind trees, from huge height water falls down. It is falling from the ledge which is somewhere in height, the cascade flows down on smooth stones direct at your foots. And ...
August 24th 2004 Shareware    1,924k
AD Jungle Waterfall - Animated Wallpaper
Have you ever been in tropics where among freakish bind trees, from huge height water falls down. It is falling from the ledge which is somewhere in height, the cascade flows down on smooth stones direct at your foots. And ...
August 24th 2004 Shareware    2,323k
Fight outsourcing by doubling or tripling your programming productivity. Leave the programmer in the next cubicle behind you in the dust.Quicktype has more than 25000 built in macros to speedup programming which makesyou a more efficient programmer. You can define ...
December 24th 2004 Shareware    1,935k
Simple DNS Plus
The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003
Thanks to DNS servers we surf the Internet using names such as instead of impossible to remember IP addresses.
DNS servers translate these domain names into machine readable IP-addresses needed to ...
December 31st 2005 Shareware  5 stars 7,471k
UncleOra for Oracle
UncleOra for Oracle is a multi-threaded SQL and PL/SQL tool with a script library and an advanced grid for developers and database administrators. Features: script library; SQL and PL/SQL editor; single, multiple and for update statement execution; bind variables; commands ...
March 23rd 2005 Shareware    2,249k
RightBackup Standard
Right Backup Standard is an easy-to-use backup and recovery software that allows you to take a backup and restore your data with least efforts. Backup your essential information like My Documents, My Pictures, E-Mail messages, other files and folders, windows ...
August 8th 2005 Shareware    4,383k
AnyForm Forms Software
AnyForm form software enables you to create, fill out, calculate and print out any form exactly, quickly and easily on your PC.

Filling out these forms can be done by hand or by importing data from an ODBC supported Database ...
September 12th 2005 Commercial    2,110k
RightBackup Lite
Right Backup Lite is an easy-to-use backup and recovery software that allows you to take a backup and restore your data with least efforts. Backup your essential information like My Documents, My Pictures, E-Mail messages, other files and folders, Windows ...
September 28th 2005 Shareware    3,932k
Visual Split Studio
Splitting Features:

* break massive files into smaller, transportable pieces
* automatically backup data onto removable disks
* split files into pre-determined pieces
* name split pieces any way you like
* use split profiles to store frequent split settings

Uniting ...
January 15th 2006 Shareware    822k
OsenXPSuite 2006 Enterprise Edition
Create rich, professional User Interfaces. OsenXPSuite 2006 combines 24 (twenty four) of our most popular components, OsenXPForm, MyADODC, MycontainerCtl, OsenXPTab, MyImageList, OsenXPHookMenu, OsenXPLabel, OsenXPTextbox, OsenXPButton, OsenXPListbox, OsenXPCombobox, OsenXPDTPicker, OsenXPHscrollbar, OsenXPVScrollbar, OsenXPSPin, OsenXPCheckbox, OsenXPOptionbutton, OsenXPProgressbar, OsenXPFrame, OsenXPTreeview, OsenXPPictureBox, MyWinsock, OsenXPToolbar, and ...
July 1st 2006 Shareware    7,937k
Excel Import Multiple CSV Files Software
Import many CSV files into one Excel file quickly. Load a list of CSV files into the program and the data will be inserted into a blank workbook.
November 8th 2006 Shareware    416k
File Joiner
File Joiner is a tool that combines (binds) unlimited files (no matter their type) into a single standalone executable (a Container file). The Container (the final bound file) is a compiled program that, when opened, will automatically launch the included ...
February 12th 2007 Shareware  5 stars 489k
nMacro is an automation tool, and a development tool aimed at providing users with a easy to use (no coding necessary), intuitive interface to create small, complex applications (.exe files) in order to automate repetitive tasks or as stand alone ...
October 25th 2008 Shareware    616k
Video PC-binding Encryptor
Encrypt your video files to bind to user's computer,One Computer,One Password, You only need to encrypt files one time,Protect the distribution of your video files.Support various types of video or audio files (e.g., wmv, avi, asf, mpg, rm, rmvb, mp4, ...
December 13th 2008 Shareware    1,641k
PDF Bundle
Is it a secret of Adobe PDF file that you can attach any file or files to an existing PDF documents? With this freeware utility, you can attach your Microsoft Word document or Excel document or Microsoft Visio document or ...
August 17th 2009 Shareware    1,361k
Exe Guarder
With Exe Guarder you can converter normal exe-file to shareware.

Once the executable is protected by exe guarder, you may copy it to another computer as it will stay protected. So you can publish it as shareware (also known as ...
November 11th 2012 Shareware  5 stars 826k
Related Scripts
BIND DLZ will add capabilities to Bind 9 that will allow Bind backend databases to support adding and removing zones without interrupting normal server operation. DLZ (Dynamically Loadable Zones) is a patch for BIND version 9 that simplifies BIND administration ...
February 22nd 2012 Freeware     
PHP Bind 0.82a
PHPBind is a complete PHP class for managing BIND's configuration files. Using no outside resources, and implemented completely within PHP it offers full control of named.conf and associated (or not) domain db files.
April 24th 2012 Freeware     
Bind a Datalist to a Remote XML File
Bind a Datalist to a Remote XML File is an easy to understand tutorial in which author describes about appending the remote XML file into Datagrid or Data list. For easy understanding author explains about the method of receiving data ...
December 3rd 2005 Freeware     
Bind XML to .NET Controls
Bind XML to .NET Controls is an easy to learn tutorial through which programmers can get an idea about the method of binding XML data to the data grid with the help of web control. In this tutorial the author ...
December 8th 2005 Freeware     
How to bind multiple resultsets into a DataGrid control
How to bind multiple resultsets into a DataGrid control is a simple tutorial which shows step-by step process of binding multiple resultsets into a datagrid control. This tutorial shows how to create the sqldatareader object to get the result of ...
November 22nd 2005 Freeware     
How To Bind to XML Data with Internet Explorer
This is an article that guides users to bind to XML data using Internet Explorer. This article instructs users to create an ASP page to act as a data source for an XML data island added in ASP. This tutorial ...
November 24th 2005 Freeware     
Dixie is a Web interface written in php for ISC bind and ISC dhcp configuration and administration. It keeps it's own database containing general dns and dhcp information and information about subnets, hosts etc. Configures DNS, DHCP, firewalls, RADIUS servers..
April 3rd 2012 Freeware     
Smbind is a PHP-based tool for managing DNS zones for BIND via the web. It supports per-user administration of zones, error checking, and a PEAR DB database backend.
February 21st 2012 Freeware     
WeBBind is a Web interface for admin BIND DNS servers. It is written in PHP for everyday usage.
January 3rd 2012 Freeware     
Bdns is a system written in PHP to maintain DNS data. It was written to maintain a large intranet DNS data. It includes features that needed to maintain a large set of zones with multiple user accounts.Those features are: - DNS data is ...
March 18th 2012 Freeware     
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A Simple - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot
This application demonstrates how to write a VB client for an AI chat bot. The code it self is only a few pages, documented and easy to understand. This example uses the Transplantable Artificial Neurological Units (TANU) architecture. After you ...
August 29th 2006     5k
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