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Free Birth Records Search
Get free birth record and birth certificate information for all 50 US states. Get birth records for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut. Delaware. Florida. Georgia. Hawaii. Idaho. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, ...
July 1st 2013 Freeware    357k
Birth Records Search Tool
The Public Birth Records Search Tool allows you to search for public birth records for any US state from the comfort of your own computer.
February 12th 2011 Freeware    532k
This is a program for storing nearly all events in a child's life, from 0 to 16 years (or more) of age. Save all your notes from the pregnancy, the birth, the baptism, the infant age and the child age together ...
January 3rd 2013 Shareware    124,160k
Horoscopes 2008
Horoscopes 2008, print high quality scrolls and greeting cards based upon any birth date between 1900 and 2008, choose from many different scroll and greeting card designs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family. * Easy to use ...
May 22nd 2013 Shareware    5,755k
StarLove Birth Chart Matching software for lovers and friends. This software compares the birth charts of two people and indicates the easy and challenged areas in their relationship. Torn between two lovers? Let StarLove help you find the more compatible ...
January 10th 2013 Freeware    2,898k
Lucky Baby Names with Numerology
Lucky Baby Names with Numerology Matching is an essential sofware for everyone. This software helps to check your name whether it is lucky or not and also you can change your name yourself without find any Numerologist. This software contains ...
April 8th 2013 Demo    2,550k
Mastro is a groundbreaking astrology software that allows you to stay creative. Its ease of use and powerful interpretation capabilities make it an essential tool for professional astrologers and rookies alike.

Mastro has all the features you want in an ...
March 19th 2016 Shareware    51,725k
Birthday CardWare
Birthday history software prints history-packed scrolls and card inserts great for scrapbooks and unique gifts. The reports include professionally researched history about the recipient's day of birth. The milestone feature takes you back to relive an 8th, 16th, or other ...
November 3rd 2001 Shareware  5 stars 7k
Birthday News of the Past
Birthday history software prints history-packed scrolls, great for scrapbooks and unique gifts. The 8.5-by-11-inch sheets include professionally researched facts about the recipient's day of birth. The milestone feature takes you back to relive an 8th, 16th, or other birthday celebration. ...
November 3rd 2001 Shareware  5 stars 6k
Christian Verses For Children
This screen saver contains 20 cartoon drawings of Bible stories (Moses parting the Red Sea, birth of Jesus, Noah and the Ark, King Solomon, Samson, the Wise Men, Daniel and the lion's den, etc.) that can be viewed original size ...
November 13th 2001 Shareware  5 stars 2k
Civil War Generals
Put US history on your desktop with 43 images of Civil War Generals from the North and South, such as J.E.B Stuart, W. T. Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and "Stonewall" Jackson. A short biography is included for ...
February 26th 2003 Commercial  4 stars 5k
Family Tree-Printery
Create and print your family tree. You can enter the names the birth- and deathdays and the parents of all persons. Additionally you can save a picture and a resume for every person. Then you can arrange the persons in ...
April 21st 2003 Commercial  4.5 stars 659k
Delta Forth .NET
Delta Forth is a simple and efficient development tool for the Forth programming language. Although not very well known, Forth is an excellent tool for scientific projects, providing a good learning curve. Forth is both a low and high level ...
September 29th 2004 Freeware    200k
Kabala of Numbers by Sepharial
It is mainly a numerological program used to compute various Kabalistic numbers using name, date of birth, place of birth, etc... It can be used to compute the various Kabalistic values like Birth number, Kabalistic Cycles, 100 years Progression and ...
September 22nd 2003 Freeware    352k
Ideal Partner
The program Ideal Partner is an advanced multilingual easy to use, but powerful tool which lets to choose the Birth Day of a person, that is right for You in respect of your Marriage and Intimate relations. Result is a ...
January 16th 2005 Shareware    692k
Christmas Story Screen Saver
Many of the Christmas-oriented screen savers today focus on Santa, snowmen, or winter themes. There is nothing particularly wrong with that, but doesn't your heart long for something more? Wouldn't it be wonderful if your computer could present something which ...
October 26th 2003 Demo    6,115k
LDS Home Information
LDS Home Information is a multi-module household database program with over 45 different functions. Enter data about each member of the family, including contact information, birthday, anniversary, and clothing size. Enter and track food storage requirements, track Family Home Evening ...
April 29th 2004 Shareware    14,740k
T-Minus Countdown Clock
A software program for your PC that's fun and easy to use. This software sits on your desktop so you can monitor the time until your special event. Attach a countdown your e-mails. Optional sound effects during count down or ...
September 28th 2004 Demo    4,015k
Axife Chronometer Demo
Axife Chronometer is an easy to use application, which lets you know the exact number of days, hours, minutes and seconds that have elapsed since the moment of your birth.Have you celebrated your 10,000th day or 1,000,000,000th second? Axife Chronometer ...
November 9th 2004 Demo    962k
Builds a genealogy web site from a GEDCOM file. The web site contains a main page with an index of family pages, an index of family trees and some statistics andinformation on the owner of the database. The family pages ...
January 9th 2005 Shareware    16,838k
Horoscope Explorer
The largest selling Indian Vedic astrology software with comprehensive charts and predictions, Horoscopes, marriage match making, yearly progressed horoscope, birth charts, planetary transits and a host of other features. Available in 7 languages.

Has support for PDF export, email of horoscopes, ...
February 11th 2005 Shareware    11,319k
Chinese Purple Star Astrology
Chinese Purple Star Astrology describes your past, present and future in twelve life categories, such as Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc.It can explain and predict the changing cycles around you. and points out one's destiny, how to ...
November 28th 2005 Shareware    1,139k
Create Unique Digital Photos in just a few clicks with MonkeyPhoto. Add hand-drawn frames for special occasions: birthdays, holidays, love, thanks yous. The intuitive interface is perfect for non-technophiles. Browse, rotate, and enhance digital pictures with ease. Choose from three ...
December 14th 2005 Shareware    8,668k
Leo Palm the best Astrological Software for palm computers is Developed by Future Point (P) Ltd. who is in the field of astrology since 1985 and is based on Hindu & Vedic Astrology.
Now available for two major operating systems ...
January 23rd 2006 Commercial    10,191k
Occupation Finder
A utility for finding your ideal occupation (for fun). Just enter your date
of birth and favourite colour, and click the button..
June 17th 2006 Freeware     
Date and Time Calculator
Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add and subtract dates and time intervals in just a few clicks. It features common date-related calculations, detailed date information (julian day number, day of year, etc), moon phase information, birth date ...
August 1st 2006 Shareware    2,052k
Writers Project Organizer
Organize your writing projects, from manuscripts, to characters to overdue submissions--ideal for novels, works of nonfiction, short stories and screenplays, from first draft to polished product.
All the Organizer your writing needs...Writers Project Organizer is manuscript orientated software for writers. ...
May 27th 2007 Shareware  5 stars 2,859k
Random Name Generator Software
Generate a specified amount of random first and last names and save them to a text file or send them to a blank Excel file.
April 9th 2007 Shareware    393k
Date Time Counter
Date Time Counter is used to count years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds for the past/future important events based on current time, such as these important events: birth, marriage and anniversary. For the future events, it is just ...
May 3rd 2007 Shareware    607k
FRSGiftRegistry allows retail storeowners to maintain a gift registry. The application is intended for storeowners who currently are, or would like to start, maintaining a baby, bridal, house warming, birthday, or other kind of gift registry.

A registry is a ...
May 6th 2007 Free to try  5 stars 5,174k
Related Scripts
Birth Day
Birth Day script allows you to find out what day of the week you were born on.
January 10th 2013 Freeware    10k
Date of Birth PullDown
This little contribution makes a pulldown menu to set the date of birth for customers.Normally users have to type in the exact date like the example, if not the user is not able to register and thuss will leave the ...
May 9th 2012 Freeware     
Validateage 5.x-1.x-de
The minimum age and the name of the custom date of birth field are configurable on the admin page.InstallationUnpack in your modules folder (usually /sites/all/modules/) and enable under Administer > Site Building > Modules. Requirements: · Drupal 5.x
April 25th 2012 Freeware     
A DICOMDIR file describes a collection of (usually cryptically-named) DICOM medical image files and contains rich metadata for these images. Given the path to a DICOMDIR file, this function parses the file and generates a tree of the metadata.Syntax:- patient ...
December 20th 2012 Freeware    10k
WETON: Javanese calendar
The current Javanese calendar was inaugurated by Sultan Agung of Mataram in the Gregorian year 1633. It is based on a combination of the Hindu calendar "Saka" and the Islamic calendar based on the lunar month, and contains different cycles: ...
January 6th 2013 Shareware    10k
BBViewer allows new parents to quickly create a website announcing the birth of their child. All controls are done via a web browser, allowing a parent to enjoy their new child and not have to work on a web page.
February 23rd 2013 Freeware    133k
Kid Info Widget
Customizable widget with information about your child. Show baby's age, date of birth, weight, length etc. Supports multiple instances. The age is shown in weeks and in number of years, months and days.The options in the widget are: * Name ...
May 2nd 2013 Freeware    10k
Natal chart script. Give you site visitors their natal chart according to their birthday, time and location of birth. Three versions are available: stand alone php, PHPNuke module, and Post Nuke Module. Requires php.
December 17th 2005 Commercial     
C# DateTime Structure
Through this tutorial you could find your age perfectly. This program asks to feed your date of birth and time. When you give it the programs starts finding your exact age in terms of years, months, days, hours and even ...
December 19th 2005 Freeware     
Chinese Astrology
Chinese Astrology is a PHP scripted web based chinese astrological application that offers your users to find their sign compatibility. This programme asks you to fill your date of birth and your companian's date of birth and click for results. ...
November 28th 2005 Commercial     
Related Code
Timothy Scott Frazier
This code will roughly determine the age input into the age does NOT, however determine by time of birth. Check it out, you may like it, if you can improve it, email me.
June 3rd 2010     2k
Ajax DOB
Simple, Short and Powerful Drop-down Calender script to get date of birth (DOB) from the users. No Javascript calender but simple PHP calender. The script makes use of Ajax to invoke no. of days in chosen year and month. It ...
February 18th 2015     60k
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