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ALTools Lunar Zodiac Bull Wallpaper
The Bull is the 2nd animal in the Chinese Zodiac. If you were born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, or 1997 then your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Bull and this ALTools Lunar Zodiac Bull wallpaper is for you.

The ...
March 13th 2005 Freeware    3,462k
Net::Printer is a Perl module for directly printing to a print server/printer without having to create a pipe to either lpr or lp. This essentially mimics what the BSD LPR program does by connecting directly to the line printer printer ...
March 12th 2011 Freeware    10k
Bull's-Eye Broker
Bull's-Eye Broker is an advanced software package which constructs and maintains Point & Figure Charts. Features include: High clarity Point & Charts charts, relative strength point & figure charts, bullish % charts for any portfolio of stocks, automatically generated buy ...
February 8th 2011 Shareware    6,144k
Chris PC-Lock
Chris PC-Lock - The best way to protect your computer privacy - developed by Chris P.C. srl. Chris PC-Lock is a useful Windows application with keyboard locking functions. Now you can enjoy your spare time without any worry that somebody ...
August 17th 2011 Shareware    1,024k
Blair Loop Project - Loops for GarageBand
Played by noted drummer and percussionist Michael Blair (ex-Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, etc) and recorded, mixed and produced by Chris Bell. These loops are live played, loose in their feel and excellent for home recordists, songwriters and pros ...
February 14th 2013 Freeware    9,728k
Chris Kruidenier Reminder 2.17a
Did you ever forget the Reminder of your friend/wive/husband ? Well I did ! Therefore I wrote a program that reminds me of important events. The program starts warning an adjustable (for every event) number of days in advance so ...
June 27th 2013 Demo    645k
Animal Olympics - Weight Lifting
Will you lift the barbell with all your might or surrender to the impossible heaviness? Find your strength in the event of Weight Lifting, in which you will control a bull and try to lift the heaviest possible weight within ...
March 11th 2013 Freeware    257k
Multiplayer Darts
Can you finish 501 points with the smallest number of throws? Your goal in this game for 2 or 4 players is to reduce your team's initial 501 points to 0 with the fewest throws, while the last throw that ends ...
June 17th 2013 Freeware    263k
Red Bull New York Soccer Firefox Theme
Follow New York Redbull Soccer with this Firefox theme This is the only OFFICIAL theme from the NY REDBULL! Tons of functionality as well as a great looking theme! SEARCH: Our primary revenue source is BING. We will reset your ...
June 18th 2013 Freeware    470k
Chris Kruidenier VUmeter
Did you ever record beautiful music to discover later on that the recording was too loud and distorted? VUmeter is a compact application that allows you to check the sound level received by your sound card using the microphone. The ...
May 30th 2013 Freeware    481k
Chameleon allows you to hide files (all types of files), directory files by compressing (WinZip v1.0), encrypting (Double 128 bit Blowfish encryption fast algorithm (ASM)) on the fly, scrambling them and then attaching them to the host files of your ...
April 14th 2002 Freeware  5 stars 1,437k
DJ2000 is the ultimate MP3 Library Manager and Player. It&aposs an integrated environment for not only playing and most importantly storing and managing your entire MP3 collection whether on your local drives or on CDR.Details:- DJ2000 is a complete Searchable ...
November 25th 2002 Commercial  5 stars 2k
Battles of the Civil War
Battles of the Civil War presents 39 major land and sea battles. Scenes by Currier and Ives, Kurz and Allison, Louis Prang and others depict this defining period of America's history. Includes Antietam, Bull Run, Chickamauga, Chancellorsville, Chattanooga, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, ...
December 23rd 2002 Commercial  5 stars 5k
Dartzee is a multi-player online dart/dice game and is equipped with one computer player for solo play. Dice are rolled and then divided up into three sets to create three"darts". The winner is the player who gets 15-Bull three times ...
February 26th 2003 Demo  4.5 stars 835k
VideoDesktop is a window application that plays the most popular types of video media files (avi/mpg), at the background of the primary desktop (Video Wallpaper), by using the New Technology of overlaying YUV for faster and more efficient way of ...
April 21st 2003 Shareware  4.5 stars 983k
African Wildlife Screen Saver
This Screen Saver protects your monitor by rotating 25 amazing photographs by Chris Humphreys, a professional Wildlife photographer from San Mateo, California. See amazing photographs of leopards, lions, zebras, elephants, cheetah's, and many others in their natural habitat.It's powered by ...
September 24th 2003 Shareware    2,050k
Rip your CDs to OGG files with a single clickMulti-CD support, multi-format availableSmall, easy to use. NO hidden cost, no bull.
October 22nd 2003 Freeware    800k
ChrisTV Standard
ChrisTV Standard - The best way to control your TV Card - developed by Chris P.C srl for TV Tuners with WDM Drivers installed. Supports all TV Cards based on BT8x8 chipset, Philips SAA713x chipset, Conexant CX2388x. Great Image quality ...
April 24th 2004 Shareware    2,127k
ChrisTV Professional
ChrisTV Professional - The PVR that TAKES control OVER your TV Card - developed by Chris P.C. srl for TV Tuners with WDM Drivers installed. Supports all TV Cards based on BT8x8 chipset, Philips SAA713x chipset, Conexant CX2388x. Great Image ...
October 16th 2004 Shareware    2,318k
Streams and Waterfalls Screen Saver
Screen Saver with beautiful Images of Streams and Waterfalls by Chris Humphreys.It's powered by a first-class 32- bit Screen-Saver engine with plenty of options. Select the duration between images in seconds or minutes, decide if you want the images to ...
February 2nd 2005 Shareware    2,441k
Visual Stock Options
Visual Stock Options Analyzer is a powerful analysis tool for development, testing, and application of stock and options strategies. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to test new strategies, manage a growing portfolio, and explore "what-if" scenarios with ease. VOptions versatility ...
November 8th 2005 Shareware    3,095k
Virtual Stock Trader
The Virtual Stock Trader Program allows you to hone your trading skills using past data. Learning to trade in the real market is very expensive. Many a beginning trader has found their funds depleted before they have successfully learned the ...
April 16th 2006 Shareware    781k
Super DVD to iPod Converter Chris Version3.4
Super DVD to iPod Converter is the fastest DVD to iPod video converter software so far in the world. With Super DVD to iPod Converter, you can convert almost all kinds of DVD to iPod video (mp4) format. Its conversion ...
August 12th 2006 Shareware    2,441k
Aptistock is the free stock market analysis software. aptistock is featured with 22 famous world stock markets, 22 technical analysis indicators, 19 drawing lines studies and extremely simple eod update process. let's beat
the market with aptistock.
April 1st 2009 Freeware  5 stars 5,836k
TrendProphecy - Live short-term DayTrend for S&P500, Nasdaq 100, Dow mini and Russell mini (ES,NQ,YM,TFS). The TrendProphecy's trading method developed especially for the professional Futures Day trader, differs from other systems, in that it computes a confirmed entry signal using ...
April 7th 2009 Shareware    2,894k
TrendProphecy FX
It does not matter to TrendProphecy FX if it's a Bull or Bear market. No matter how the market is behaving, TrendProphecy FX gives you Long and Short signals. TrendProphecy FX makes it easy for you to trade with the ...
February 8th 2011 Shareware  5 stars 3,641k
Tams11 Dartzee
Dartzee is a unique and fun multi-player online dart/dice game and is equipped with one computer player for solo play. Dice are rolled and then divided up into three sets and added up to create three "darts". The winner is ...
September 18th 2011 Freeware    835k
Red Bull Racing Xtreme Mouse for Windows 7/XP/Vista
Key features :

* Advanced 3200 dpi laser gamer mouse with weight adjustable design and onboard memory, including mousepad
* Built-in cartridge with 7 metal weights to customize your mouse weight
* In-game adjustable sensitivity by one button to 400, ...
June 13th 2011 Freeware    102k
Trust Red Bull Racing Full-size Mouse for Windows XP/Vista/7
Key features

* High precision laser mouse with ergonomic design and rubber side inlays for a firm grip
* Accurate and high precision laser sensor that works on almost all surfaces
* 6 buttons including 2 side buttons and tilt ...
June 23rd 2011 Freeware    492k
Intermec EasyCoder PC4 Printer ESim Firmware 6.23/H6.23
ESim Firmware for PC4 with USB: IMPORTANT! To be loaded with ESim?Config Tool 2.0. File 1-972641-23.ufz is for 203 dpi. File 1-972646-23.ufz is for 300 dpi. See also Techn. Bull.: TB8663_ESim 6_23.pdf. Do a setup factory default with ^default after ...
October 25th 2011 Freeware    461k
Related Scripts
Kids Simple Chess Game: Tiger and Bull
Kids Simple Chess Game: Tiger and Bull is multi-platform compatible. This is Version 1.0 of the Chess Game. The rule in this version is too easy for Bull chessmen to win. Please click the link for the updated Version 2.0. ...
December 19th 2005 Freeware     
Franck-Condon Overlap Integrals
The m-file overlap_integral.m calculates the vibrational overlap integral between two nuclear wavefunctions using the formalism developed by Sharp and Rosenstock (J. Chem. Phys., 41:3453, 1964). This function requires the MATLAB Symbolic Toolbox in order to run correctly. The m-file make_overlap_table.m ...
February 8th 2013 Freeware    102k
mRMR Feature Selection (using mutual information computation)
This package is the mRMR (minimum-redundancy maximum-relevancy) feature selection method in (Peng et al, 2005 and Ding & Peng, 2005, 2003), whose better performance over the conventional top-ranking method has been demonstrated on a number of data sets in recent ...
March 22nd 2013 Freeware    532k
f77toM is a Perl 5 script to convert one or more F77 or F90 files to Matlab M-files.If you have any questions, please contact Chris Cornuelle at, Minnesota Center for Industrial Mathematics at theUniversity of Minnesota.
February 3rd 2013 Freeware    41k
MYREGCOMP: Compare two linear regression.This function compares two least-square linear regression. Tests are implementes as reported by Stanton A. Glantz book "Primers of biostatistics". This routine uses MYREGR function. If it is not present on the computer, MyregrINV will try ...
May 15th 2013 Shareware    10k
MEDOUTLIERFILT - remove outliers from a multivariate data set using themedian of each column[stats_data, filtered_data] = medoutlierfilt(x,outlier_cut,plot_state) removes possible outliers froma data set, X, by specifiying a cut off. OUTLIER_CUT is a cut off is a multiple of the inter ...
January 2nd 2013 Shareware    10k
WP Google Search Query Widget Wordpress Plugin
This Plugin implements an easy configurable Widget which can display your top Google search querys (Keywords) and link it to your internal search like a tag cloud by accessing an Google Analytics account. You can use its default font sizes ...
February 1st 2013 Freeware    10k
A sidebar widget that allows you to list topics which you have dugg, a list of popular diggs, and a list of upcoming diggs on digg.comThanks to Justin for building this quick and easy digg API class. * *Justin Silverton ...
June 9th 2013 Freeware    10k
Hierarchical Select User Terms
This module integrates the Hierarchical Select and User Terms projects to display the vocabulary elements as user friendly hierarchical select boxes on the user edit form.Installation * Review the Installation handbook page and install this module like any standard Drupal ...
May 7th 2013 Freeware    10k
Global Avatar
OverviewThe Global Avatar module is useful in multi-site environments where the user table is shared and avatars should be consistent across the network of sites. Specifically, it is designed to solve the issue raised in the post Multisite with shared ...
February 16th 2013 Freeware    10k
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