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Christian Meaning Of Names

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Baby Names 2011
CREATE YOUR VERY OWN personalised Baby Name (and young Children) SCROLLS, GREETING CARDS + MORE! Do you know the MEANING of your babies first name ? Enter ANY first name, eg. Laura and this Baby Names software will generate a ...
January 21st 2013 Shareware    10,445k
Reggie Pro
Find out about free and expiring domain names easily
Google search engine ranking helps you find popular expired domain names
Includes 10 dictionaries (almost a million words with support for extended
Multithreaded=many times faster (at least 8 times faster than previous versions)
Export expiry ...
January 3rd 2004 Shareware  4 stars 2k
Characterizer is a Firefox extension that allows you to practice Japanese or Chinese character meanings while you read English (or other languages). It helps you learn the meaning of individual characters. Since you have to read sometimes in your native ...
August 26th 2011 Freeware    133k
django-iso3166 for linux
django-iso3166 is a three-part standard published by the Organization for Standardization (ISO), and defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest, and their principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states). The official name is ...
November 15th 2011 Freeware    20k
Christian game of Moises
Christian the game: Moses and the Ten Commandments This is a line of games based on the stories of the Christian Bible, in this History will know the Ten Commandments of God's law. As God used instrument to Moses ...
April 1st 2013 Shareware    19,661k
Sort Names By Last Name Software
This software offers a solution to users who want to sort a list of names with the last name first. For example, the name "Peter Sobol" will be sorted by the letter S even though it is not in the ...
March 9th 2013 Shareware    14,469k
HippoName 2.0 is freeware with more than 26000 different baby names, with origin and meaning. You can mark your favourite names to help you to have the best name for your baby. Also you can filter the names by included ...
May 19th 2013 Freeware    3,891k
Kabala of Numbers by Sepharial
It is mainly a numerological program used to compute various Kabalistic numbers using name, date of birth, place of birth, etc... It can be used to compute the various Kabalistic values like Birth number, Kabalistic Cycles, 100 years Progression and ...
September 22nd 2003 Freeware    352k
Christmas Story Screen Saver
Many of the Christmas-oriented screen savers today focus on Santa, snowmen, or winter themes. There is nothing particularly wrong with that, but doesn't your heart long for something more? Wouldn't it be wonderful if your computer could present something which ...
October 26th 2003 Demo    6,115k
Read the tags within a header of any single or multipage tiff file: Explaining the meaning of each tag and byte order.Current > 200 tag names added.Pointer to file position of the tag. Editing of asccii tags possible.Printing of tag ...
September 17th 2004 Freeware    226k
Adero Renamer
Adero Renamer allows you to rename your data in a variety of different ways, according to your needs. Its user interface has a neat layout, is easy to use and offers a variety of settings options, allowing you to comfortably ...
December 29th 2010 Freeware    4,731k
Screensaver of Bismillah
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim is a sentence comes from Holy Quran which teaches the Muslims to start their work with the name of Allah so that they can successfully complete their job. Though it is formed in limited words, its necessity ...
June 27th 2011 Freeware    1,416k
Bible-Discovery for Linux
Bible-Discovery is complex Bible studying software. Bible-Discovery contains several Bible translations, dictionaries, tools for helping to understand the texts in the original language, bookmark handling, customizable font size and colour, a biblical text importing pane, and a parallel and comparative ...
March 13th 2011 Shareware    24,023k
Firebird .NET Data Provider
Firebird .NET Data Provider is an ADO.NET data provider for Firebird. Firebird .NET Data Provider is written in C# and provides a high-performance native implementation of the Firebird API. It also includes an implementation of the Firebird Services API and ...
April 1st 2011 Freeware    547k
DBIx::SQLEngine - Extends DBI with High-Level Operations


The DBIx::SQLEngine class provides an extended interface for the DBI database framework. Each SQLEngine object is a wrapper around a DBI database handle, adding methods that support ad-hoc SQL generation and query execution in ...
June 11th 2011 Freeware    113k
Baby Names
Baby Names is a unique app that learns the type of names you like, and suggests the perfect name for your baby.Rate names, view suggestions, build a shortlist, or just browse our database of 40000+ names. Either way, you'll find ...
January 22nd 2013 Shareware    2,048k
Crusader Kings Complete
Crusader Kings Complete comprises of the full Crusader Kings and Crusader kings Deus Vult in one convenient release. Europe is in turmoil. The Viking raids have ended but the lands have been fragmented into petty fiefs. The Emperor ...
April 5th 2013 Shareware    214,016k
Mimir Art of Memory
Would you like to have a better memory? How would it be to be able to memorize hundreds of objects, numbers, playing cards and any other information? The "Art of Memory", also known as ars memoria or since the ...
January 14th 2013 Shareware    11,571k
NameSaver is based on the EuroSaver code. Instead of the new currency of the EC it displays names or other bits of text waving over your desktop. It was made as a present for a group of children, with their ...
March 2nd 2013 Freeware    190k
Offline Domain Name Generator
Who is this program for? You receive about 2000 variants of the domain names. This tool of 100% will help you and your imagination to find the name for the new domain. How to use this program? Enter a base ...
January 19th 2013 Shareware    826k
The Alliterate program literally alliterates given words. Dynamically creates a list of possible letters/words combinations to facilitate you finding out new connections between words meaning and names that are congenial and sounds good together. Suitable for advertisements, magazine titles, business ...
January 22nd 2013 Demo    1,116k
Extract Lines Not In Alphabetical Order Software
This software offers a solution for users who want to extract lines of text that are not in alphabetical order or sort them correctly. The user simply adds an item or loads text from a file before choosing to start ...
January 29th 2013 Shareware    2,632k
Plato`s Lake [AD]
"Plato's Lake" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at the Animated Desktop Wallpaper Plato's Lake. High mountains with snow-covered peaks, amazing sunset, reflected in the calm water ...
January 11th 2013 Shareware    5,427k
Blessed Easter Screensaver
Celebrate the true meaning of Easter with this religious screensaver. Selected scenes of the Passion and Ascension of Christ are depicted in original hand-painted artwork by Lisa Kretchman, each in the style of a stained glass window. In each of ...
June 6th 2013 Shareware    3,942k
The Hat
Just like drawing names from a hat to determine a random order for a group of people or to choose individual random names or groups of names. Just input a list of names in any of several different ways, then ...
June 17th 2014 Freeware  5 stars 789k
Word Scramble
Are you able to use disordered letters to compose valid English words without checking the dictionary? In this game you will be given a set of scrambled letter tiles, and your goal is to rearrange them into valid words. You ...
May 12th 2013 Freeware    288k
Flash Flip Book Theme of Clover
Here you can find clover with four leaves. Now come to us to own these four-leaved clover templates which are so fascinating and amazing. Few seconds you can get them for free. Clover with four leaves is very rare to ...
January 24th 2013 Freeware    2,550k
Export Notes Contacts to vCard
Sometimes Lotus Notes user need to export notes contacts to vCard .VCF file. Perfect Data Solutions have best NSF Contacts to VCF converter software which gives you whole satisfaction and restore all NSF address book list to VCF. PDS Export ...
January 26th 2013 Shareware    2,417k
Export Notes Contacts to Outlook
Looking for best NSF contacts converter program that will allow you to easily export Lotus Notes Address Book to Outlook Contacts? Download PDS Lotus Notes Contacts converter tool and perform best NSF contacts to Outlook contacts conversion. Using PDS Export ...
March 29th 2013 Shareware    2,417k
123 Kids Fun GAMES - Educational app for toddlers and preschoolers
123 Kids Fun GAMES is a collection of educational games/activities for preschoolers (ages 3 to 7) Alphabet Your children can learn the 26 alphabets the correct way by learning their pronunciation and by learning what each alphabet exactly ...
October 12th 2013 Shareware     
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Composite parameterization of unitary groups
This file provides implementations of the composite parameterization of the unitary group U(d) and special unitary group SU(d) of arbitrary dimension d.>> UC.mFor an arbitrary dxd real matrix 'lambda' the function UC(lambda) returns a unitary matrix of dimension dxd.>> UCS.mFor ...
May 3rd 2013 Shareware    10k
An ASP You Can Grasp: The ABCs of Active Server Pages
An ASP You Can Grasp: The ABCs of Active Server Pages is an article which gives information regarding ASP. It gives the real meaning of ASP, describes the standard objects for global use, books that are recommended for ASP, and ...
December 6th 2005 Freeware     
Usage of Operator Overloading in C#
Usage of Operator Overloading in C# is a tutorial for the beginners to know about the operator overloading feature in C#. Operator overloading is an object oriented feature which does not affect the actual meaning of the in-built operators of ...
December 3rd 2005 Freeware     
Protection of Configuration
In normal use, these files, catalog/includes/configure.php and catalog/admin/includes/configure.php, must be set to "read-only" status to prevent the warning "I am able to write to the configuration file". While the installation instructions say you should "chmod" these files, it leaves the ...
March 18th 2012 Freeware     
Cumulative Distribution Function of CDO Loan Portfolio Loss in the Gaussian Factor Model
The code is explained in the article: Okunev, Pavel, "Fast Computation of the Economic Capital, the Value at Risk and the Greeks of a Loan Portfolio in the Gaussian Factor Model" (July 1, 2005). This implements one factor Gaussian ...
April 8th 2013 Freeware    10k
Fast Computation of the Expected Tranche Loss of CDO Credit Portfolio
The code is explained in the article P. Okunev, "A Fast Algorithm for Computing Expected Loan Portfolio Tranche Loss in the Gaussian Factor Model", LBNL-57676, 2005. refinments of this algorithm are descibed in Okunev, Pavel, "Using Hermite Expansions for Fast ...
May 5th 2013 Freeware    10k
WebJaxe is a free PHP CMS(Content Management System), to create websites with a web user interface. It works with PHP on server side, and with a Java applet on client side to edit the contents. The editor is based on ...
April 28th 2013 Freeware    6,984k
MySQL Optimizer
MySQL Optimizer is meant to analyze, optimize or repair tables of a MySQL database.The class is capable of connecting to a given MySQL database, extract the list of names of tables, and perform one of the three operations in all ...
January 14th 2013 Freeware    10k
Krai Framework
Krai Framework is a PHP application framework designed specifically for PHP5. The intention is to abstract from the most nitty-gritty details of developing a web application in order to focus on functionality and presentation.Krai Framework started life as KvFramework 2.0 ...
May 4th 2013 Shareware    164k
.NET Assemblies & Manifests
This article starts by explaining the real meaning of an assembly. The author explains about .NET assemblies in detail along with its two types shared and private assemblies. The article explains about the advantages of these assemblies too. Along with ...
December 17th 2005 Freeware     
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Tifftags 2.3.2
Read the tags within a header of any single or multipage tiff file: Explaining the meaning of each tag and byte order. Current > 200 tag names added. Pointer to file position of the tag. Editing of asccii tags possible. ...
June 14th 2006     233k
A Better API Error Lookup
Queries Windows for the meaning of an API error number, and allows you to search a range of numbers... the results get placed in a list
September 27th 2007     11k
Scripter.NET 1.0
Scripter.NET is a component libary allowing to integrate script for the .NET Framework script engines into applications, and to execute code at run time. Scripter.NET uses VSA technology that makes possible to use VB.NET and JScript.NET scripts. Scripter.NET is freeware ...
February 9th 2006     516k
List of very useful UNIX commands
List of very useful UNIX commands
February 22nd 2006     5k
A brief Over View of C++ Internals
This article is the first part in describing the internal behavious of C++ compiler and how many things happen under the hood in C++ and some tips also. I hope this will help people in some manner in appreciating the ...
March 12th 2006     362k
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