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Make it easy to copy to floppy
December 5th 2001 Freeware  5 stars 319k
Are your files too big for a standard disk? Or does your eMail box restrict the size of an individual eMail?Then WinSplit is your tool of choice! It splits your files into chunks of the size you need and puts ...
December 13th 2001 Shareware  5 stars 493k
This program prints booklets or books and saves paper by printing up to 16 pages on both sides of a sheet. The program prints also poster. BookPrint operates asa printer driver that may be used by any application.
June 10th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 615k
NetSender Pro
»NetSender Pro« ist ein einfach zu bedienendes, effektives Tool zum Versenden von Kurznachrichten in NT-Netzwerken.
Durch das Versenden von Kurznachrichten können Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihre Mitarbeiter ihre Nachricht sofort auf dem Bildschirm sehen, ohne das ein Mailprogramm gestartet werden muss oder ...
November 15th 2002 Shareware  3 stars 901k
In DOS it was very easy to print the content of a directory. But unfortunately there is no such function in Windows.In Windows you can use DirPrinter to print the content of a directory and the directory structure in a ...
April 21st 2003 Shareware  4.5 stars 944k
Easy-to-use BackUp Tool for manual or automated backups (ZIP Compatible).BackToZip also allows for archive distribution across multiple media, splitting into individual files, creating self-extracting archives and provides password protection of archive files.
July 26th 2003 Shareware    805k
ArcSoft PhotoStudio
ArcSoft PhotoStudio® 5 is the perfect photo editor for both beginners and enthusiasts. It boasts the high-end features needed to perform sophisticated image manipulation procedures and presents itself with a user interface that is simple, intuitive and completely customizable.
July 26th 2003 Demo    20,800k
SF Kalender
SF Kalender provides and prints 25 different calendar types, which can be individually changed. With few Klicks fastidious calendars with holidays and own dates are provided. A picture export is likewise possible.
November 29th 2012 Shareware    5,859k
TicketCreator - Eintrittskarten drucken
TicketCreator is a unique ticketing software to print tickets for your events on your normal printer. You can easily print numbered tickets with row and seat numbers, tickets with serial numbers, or general admission tickets. As a special feature you ...
August 13th 2007 Shareware  5 stars 4,644k
WISO steuer: 2012
Endlich: Die erste native Steuer-Software fA?r den Mac! WISO steuer: 2012 fA?r Ihre SteuererklA¤rung 2011. Der Testsieger unter den Mac-Steuerprogrammen: (Macwelt 05/2012). * Besonders gA?nstig im AppStore! A?ber 30% gegenA?ber der Preisempfehlung sparen!* Hinweis: FA?r die aktuelle SteuererklA¤rung ...
December 25th 2012 Shareware    175,104k
pdf-Recover - Server Edition
pdf-Recover - Server Edition allows to decrypt huge numbers of PDF files automatically in background. With this feature the solution targets companies with a massive scale of PDF documents from many different people. Companies receiving huge numbers of PDF files ...
March 8th 2013 Shareware     
BookPrint2 is a German shareware programm for MS-Windows 9x/Win 2000 /W9 Vista. This program prints booklets or books and saves paper by printing up to 64 pages on both sides of a sheet. A series of booklets are combined to ...
June 15th 2013 Shareware    1,219k
BookPrinXP is a shareware program for MS-Windows 9x and Win 2000/XP/Vista. This program prints booklets or books and saves ink and paper by printing up to 64 pages on both sides of a sheet. A series of booklets are combined ...
January 8th 2013 Shareware    1,024k
pdfServMachine is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for PDF conversion and manipulation. - Easily convert your HTML, text and Microsoft Office files to PDF. - Integrate PDF generation into virtually any application that can print. - Manipulate existing PDF documents. ...
May 17th 2013 Demo    1k
Tranfer with the Auctioncalender your eBay auctions quick and easily to your Outlook calender - with only one click in your Internet Explorer. Never forget the end of an auction - Outlook reminds you automatically. Determin how long before the ...
February 28th 2013 Demo    3,092k
BookPrint is a German shareware programm for MS-Windows 2000/XP. This program prints booklets and posters as well. With booklets you save paper by printing up to 16 pages on both sides of a sheet. Posters are build by combining up ...
March 14th 2013 Shareware    683k
BarcodeChecker - Eintrittskarten pr+-fen
BarcodeChecker is a software to check barcodes tickets with a barcode scanner, webcam or smartphone. You can scan tickets that have been printed with TicketCreator or other tickets. More info on English version: (Free download!) Deutsche Version: ...
January 31st 2013 Shareware    8,704k
Barcode App
Barcode-Etikett entwerfen Dienstprogramm h+Aufig mit allen linearen und zweidimensionalen Barcode Schriftart Symbologien einschlie+clich Coda Bar, EAN13, Standard 2 of 5, UPCA, Interleaved 2 of 5, DataBar Expanded, Industrial 2 of 5, LOGMARS, Planet, Postnet, UPCE arbeiten , USS-93, Aztec, Databar, ...
March 16th 2013 Shareware    5,140k
se-rm PlotManager HPGL Standard
PlotManager, PlotConverter and PlotViewer in one program! Printing, conversion and viewing of HP-GL, HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL plot files.
April 29th 2013 Shareware    3,000k
Tinypic shrink digital images to 1/20 of the original size without too great a quality loss. This means you can send up to 150 images with one mail! Just drag the pictures onto the program - ready. The pictures will ...
April 5th 2013 Freeware    1,434k
File Features: Transfer of images from digital or video cameras, scanners and card-readers to the PC Lossless rotation and mirroring of images. Send images as email attachments directly from FixFoto. Conversion of images to different file formats. Fast integrated file ...
May 13th 2013 Shareware    8,581k
Wohl die gr+A+cte, gepflegte Sammlung von online verf+-gbaren deutschsprachigen weltweiten Zeitungslinks! Mit umfangreichen Funktionen wie Download von Zeitungsausgaben, Offlinerecherche im Downloadbereich, Screenshoterstellung, Lesen von Offlineseiten, Drucken, Erstellung einer pers+Anlichen Auswahlliste, Extraktion und Anzeige aller Emailadressen/Links einer Seite. Die Emailadressen und ...
April 29th 2013 Shareware    2,427k
SF-Business Card
SF Buisiness Card is a business card design environment. Its specialized interface is adorned with multiple rendering, coloring, and formatting command buttons. Although the program is template based -- offering 100 instant style variations -- each card is fully customizable. ...
June 2nd 2013 Shareware    19,528k
Sie mA¶chten Ihre Daten heute noch versenden, aber mit der Post ist es bereits zu spA¤t, fA?r einen Kurier ist es zu weit, fA?r eine E-Mail sind die Daten zu groAY, fA?r FTP fehlen die technischen Voraussetzungen. Mit ...
July 7th 2013 Freeware    1,690k
GA?nstig und einfach faxen... macht's mA¶glich! Mit dieser App ist es mA¶glich Dokumente direkt per Fax zu versenden. Ab 7 Cent pro Faxseite. So funktioniert es: 1. Bei anmelden und Guthaben aufladen 2. App installieren 3. ...
July 6th 2013 Freeware    410k
WISO steuer: 2013
Die meistverkaufte Steuer-Software fA?r den Mac! Jetzt fA?r die SteuererklA¤rung 2012. Im Steuer-Spar-Special im App Store sparen Sie 20% gegenA?ber der Preisempfehlung! Nur hier gibt's den aktuellen Doppel-Testsieger so gA?nstig (Macwelt 03/2013 und MacLife 02/2013). * ...
July 30th 2013 Shareware     
DVD-Video-Archiv + v8
Mit DVD-Video-Archiv+ v8 haben Sie Ihre Filmsammlung immer fest im Griff. Aus einer redaktionell gepflegten Datenbank können Sie sich komfortabel und mit wenigen Mausklicks die gewünschten Informationen mit den zur Verfügung stehenden hochauflösenden Coverbildern auf den Bildschirm holen. Erstellen Sie ...
June 15th 2016 Shareware    113,495k
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