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Batch Rename

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Aoao Batch Rename
Aoao Batch Rename is a easy and comprehensive piece of software that enables you to multiple rename your files at once.It's support import all file formats, batch rename just moment, but also a freeware.
September 10th 2008 Freeware    553k
Batch Rename Workflow for Mac
Renaming a huge list of files can be a real pain, and people often find themselves in need of a batch editing solution.

Batch Rename Workflow is a free and easy to use Automator workflow that will allow you to easily ...
July 12th 2011 Freeware    51k
Batch Rename .EXE
Run dynamic lists of files through an extensive array of filename filters to ensure that your files are labeled and organized exactly how you want them. Use filters to add information, remove spaces, change capitalization and more. Batch Rename .EXE ...
January 26th 2011 Freeware    977k
Picture Studio .EXE Professional
Release your imagination and experience your photo collection with this complete set of imaging tools. Whether you are managing hundreds of digital photos or looking to create slideshow presentations, PictureViewer .EXE makes the process simple. Then, when it comes time ...
March 12th 2013 Freeware    3,072k
Win7 X Folder
Win7 X Folder is a very easy to use software which enebles users to perform diffrent operations on a target folder in a very simple style.Win7 X Folder supports operations such as batch rename with very handy templates,Saving list of ...
June 5th 2013 Freeware    88k
Seekways Batch File Converter
Seekways Batch File Converter is a small file utility that will let you rename files extensions, change text, change fonts, and much more to thousands of files at once. The user has several options when renaming files and changing file ...
July 18th 2013 Freeware    1,893k
Image Tuner
Image Tuner is a free batch image resizing, renaming, conversion and watermarking tool with a super-intuitive and straightforward interface. Based on an extremely fast image processing engine, this award-winning software has a bare minimum of controls and will help you ...
June 11th 2013 Freeware    7,014k
Batch Photos Lite
Quickly rename, convert, resize, adjust color and relocate large batches of files. Only need a click,Batch photos Lite can do these things for you. It is the universal tool for browsing, resizing, renaming, enhancing and converting image file format. <br ...
November 13th 2013 Freeware    2,949k
Folder Maker
Folder Maker is a batch tool that allows you to create dozens of folders effortlessly and easily. Enumeration allows you to number your folders, while prefix and postfix options allow total customisation of folder names to aid in categorisation of ...
October 1st 2002 Freeware  5 stars 303k
Image Converter
Image Converter .EXE is a fast and flexible image conversion program, which allows support for converting to over 15 formats. It features over 20 effects which can be applied in any conversion process, and even in batch mode. The included ...
November 16th 2002 Freeware  5 stars 2,639k
File Renamer
File Renamer will let you rename all your files and folders, but with a lot more options. You can batch rename all files, add string to beginning or end of filenames, remove string from all the names to rename, change ...
November 12th 2005 Freeware    257k
Freeware that instantly renames 1 million files and folders in one click. This file renamer uses photo and mp3 tags, numbers, dates, letters and more. The constant instant preview helps to bulk rename quickly. Builds complex renaming actions easily step ...
October 29th 2008 Freeware    4,222k
EasyImageSizer for Linux
EasyImageSizer is an easy to use application designed to help you resize and rename images with ease. FEATURES: TE batch compress image files TE batch rename image files TE batch resize images
June 20th 2013 Freeware    9,830k
Free File Utilities
A Free File Utility,file test and diagnose tool, help you to test file Open with different file mode, file access, file share. You can read file data, write file data, set or get file attribute, set or get file lastwritetime, ...
June 30th 2013 Freeware    526k
Dateien Rename
This program renames all the search criteria appropriate files in a folder (if necessary inclusive the subfolders). Complete instructions, see my homepage at homepage
March 30th 2013 Freeware    51k
Ron's Renamer
Rename many files, folders and subfolders in one go in a quick, safe and easy way with Ron’s Renamer.

Renaming batches of files simultaneously allows folders to be kept clean and sorted in a consistent way. Ideal for keeping pictures ...
March 10th 2015 Freeware    1,036k
PictureViewer .EXE
Experience a new level in imaging, with this fast flexible image viewer that integrates seamlessly into the windows shell. View previews of images and run commands all within the context menu. Features; slide show, shell integration, full screen, directory browsing, ...
November 16th 2002 Freeware  5 stars 1,719k
Case Converter
Allow you to convert any words and even file names within content of files to lower or UPPER case. If you want to convert all file names to lower or UPPER case you no need to enter each name. You ...
July 26th 2003 Freeware    473k
Aoao Photo Editor
Freeware - Aoao Photo editor helps you adld image or text to photos,Aoao Photo Editor is operating is convenient and its processing is fAoao Photo editorast, it supports many kinds of picture formats, It support most picture formats, not only ...
December 24th 2008 Freeware    2,079k
mvb is a shell script written for BSD and Linux users, to "batch rename" files (change the name of many files at once) in the current working directory.

mvb is used from the command line of your current shell and invokes ...
June 2nd 2011 Freeware    297k
Ulipad is a wxPython/Python powered, programmer-oriented and flexible editor. It has many features such as class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard and many others. The most interesting and distinctive feature is the use of mixin technique which ...
February 3rd 2011 Freeware    2,161k
PDFTitle for Mac
PDFTitle is an easy to use AppleScript tool that will allow you to quickly batch rename PDF files using their name.

NOTE: PDF files need to have the '.pdf' extension to be recognized by the AppleScript droplet.. .
May 15th 2011 Freeware    31k
BatchRename' em
This application enables you to batch rename files and folders in various ways. Actions include: make sequential, add text, replace text, change case and add date or time. Options are available under each of these actions.
November 23rd 2012 Freeware    328k
JavaPEG - The Digital Foto Handler
The purpose of this application is to be able to batch rename digital camera images. The rename process make use of the emebedded meta data in each file. The structure of the new name is defined by a template which ...
November 11th 2012 Freeware    1,523k
RenameItems Service
RenameItems Service will be available in Finder's Services menu and contextual menu if files and/or folders are selected. It enables you to batch rename them in various ways. Actions include: * Make Sequential * Add Text * Replace Text * ...
March 9th 2013 Freeware    154k
XnConvert MP
The name XnConvert MP stands for XnView batch convert as multi-platform standalone program. This application was developed to be a simple, yet powerful tool, that allow you to convert images. Available processing mode: - image - map - filter - ...
May 17th 2013 Freeware    8,294k
Picmeta PhotoTracker
Picmeta PhotoTracker automatically geotags photos based on track information from any GPS device (.gpx files). It directly writes GPS EXIF data to .jpg, .tif, .crw, .dng, .nef, .pef, .jp2 formats. For other formats such as .cr2 it creates XMP sidecar ...
January 28th 2013 Freeware    2,519k
NexusFile is a file manager for Windows. You can manage many files very fast and easily. NexusFile will increase your computing performance. If you still use Windows Explorer, you must try this one. Batch Rename, Dual Panes, Unicode, FTP Client, ...
February 7th 2013 Freeware    3,277k
Oem<->Ansi converter
Oem Ansi converter is a converter utility which allows to convert old text files in DOS code to new code understanding by programs of MS Windows. As a plug-in of Useful File Utilities it have a capability to process thousand ...
January 25th 2013 Freeware    463k
The Free Image Viewer & Editor for Windows can as well play avi video files and some type of audio files. There are many tools around doing that, but the aim of this Freeware is to be a small and ...
January 26th 2013 Freeware    12,145k
Related Scripts
Files Catalog Java
This project intends to have a local treemap of the files, giving the opcion for fast - search, search for duplicates, sort, create file structure by content, batch-rename, rename files by reading the ID tag (for Music files), etc.
March 25th 2013 Freeware     
Rename File Set
Rename File Set is a utility for transforming the name of matching files using the full power of regular expressions.I originally created this program to help organize my mp3 collection, but it has proven to be generally useful. As I ...
February 17th 2012 Freeware     
Batch Run
This extension adds a new command to the Commands menu in Flash MX 2004 that will open a list of flash documents, run a jsfl script for that document, and then optionally save that document and close it. All of ...
May 27th 2012 Freeware     
Mass file Rename 1.0b
Mass file Rename simply renames to lowercase all files in a directory.
May 27th 2012 Freeware     
Batch Reporting Module
The RPT Software - Batch Reporting Module is an Access module which exposes two functions to help you easily create Microsoft Access reports in the following formats: - Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) - RTF (Rich Text Format) - Microsoft ...
February 8th 2012 Freeware     
Batch Generator
Simple plug-in enables developers to easily generate batch files to run Java applications.
January 19th 2012 Freeware     
Batch Order Center
Batch print is a module I created to allow you to collect all your orders, put them into one PDF file and then print out the PDF file allowing you to "batch print" the orders all at the same time.Some ...
January 15th 2012 Freeware     
Batch Print Center
Batch Print Center is a module created to allow batch printing of invoices,packing slips, labels, christmas cards, or whatever you want really.The first release version is still classed beta but is fully functional and running on several live shops already.It ...
March 19th 2012 Freeware     
Batch Update Status
Needed a way to update the status of multiple orders at once. I know the batch printing contributions have a feature similar to this, but it only needed to update.With this contribution there is a checkbox next to eac order ...
January 19th 2012 Freeware     
Batch Printing without Frames or PDF
Batch Printing without Frames or PDF allows you to batch print the orders on the orders.php screen.Backup before doing anything.You can filter based on order status, and can then select/deselect orders for printing. Can batch update order status as well. ...
March 26th 2012 Freeware     
Related Code
Batch rename
Simple yet very flexible tool to safely rename a series of files.
July 29th 2012     4k
DotEtiveFTP 1.02
DotEtiveFTP enables you to transfer, rename, delete, make, enumerate files and folders synchronously and asynchronously. It supports Socks 4/4A/5, IPv6, transfers resuming, recusive folder transfer, custom commands, transfers tracking, and FXP data transfer for faster backups.
February 18th 2006     364k
Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer
Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer is a free, open source mass renaming program that combines great flexability with an intuitive interface.

Allows most command line renaming operations in a single utility, perfect for those of us that need to rename large ...
February 25th 2006     205k
A Passive Ftp Helper Class/Client.. EVENT AND BLOCKING
An ftp client helper class, supports File Downloading, Resuming. File Uploading, Appending Both include progress events. File/Directory Deletion, System Command, Welcome Message, Rename, Make Directory, Moving Directory.. Fully Functional Client included. Supports the following Ftp Servers.. Microsoft Ftp. Unix Ftp. ...
August 10th 2006     345k
This is a utility that converts all long filenames to lower case. Every time I have been messing around in my web work directory from DOS the filenames has been changed. It's a pain to manually rename them to lowercase ...
November 21st 2006     6k
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