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Paessler Site Inspector
Paessler Site Inspector is a web browser that combines the two most frequently used browser engines (Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Gecko) into one program. Its advanced analysis features make it the perfect companion for webmasters and web developers. With Site Inspector's ...
July 1st 2005 Freeware  5 stars 11,877k
EventLog Inspector
Manage local and remote Windows events more effectively with EventLog Inspector. The new cost-effective solution allows system administrators to extend Windows event log with more features. EventLog Inspector provides the ability to broadcast event log events to a syslog server ...
January 4th 2009 Freeware  5 stars 3,001k
VSO Drive Inspector Tool
Reports various information about your cd/dvd configuration.

VSO-Inspector is a free add-on to report various information about your hardware configuration.

Main Features:

Detect and list the features of your CD/DVD writers:
- Supported formats
- Region details
- Firmware versions
- Buffer size
- Region Code
- Read modes
- ...
January 6th 2011 Freeware    1,812k
Signal Inspector
Signal Inspector is a basic signal generator and analysis tool. It features an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer and a spectrogram, plus tone, noise, and pulse generators.
November 17th 2012 Freeware    348k
Windows Inspector
Windows Inspector is a software will assist you to analyze and warn third party software installed on your computer. Windows Inspector analyzes all the areas which could be used by malicious software.
May 28th 2004 Freeware    5,467k
SilentNight Inspector.exe
SilentNight Inspector is a file/folder monitoring program. It detects and reports the followingFile/Directory changes:Creation/Deletion, Attributes change, Access date, Filesize change, Last Write, Security changes.Other usefull options:Monitor sub directorys, autostart option, Alarm option, Log size option, Taskbar Icon for hidden mode ...
November 28th 2004 Freeware    3,832k
HateML Pro
HateML Pro is a freeware product and a powerful PHP IDE with support for XHTML and CSS for both professional and novice alike.
Designed to help accelerate the process of editing,debugging web applications, php scripts and simple XHTML sites as well. ...
November 11th 2006 Freeware    7,253k
HippoDraw for Mac
HippoDraw provides a highly interactive data analysis environment. It is written in C++ with the Qt library from Trolltech.

HippoDraw has highly interactive controls on the data plots via a dialog window called the Inspector. For example, one can change the ...
May 4th 2011 Freeware    8,878k
Graphical GObject GIR File Inspector
A GUI inspector for GObject Introspection Repository .gir file.
March 13th 2013 Freeware    11k
HL7 Inspector
The HL7 Inspector is a useful hl7 tool for integration the HL7 in a health care environmental. It will help you to minimize the time for tuning the HL7 communication between systems such as HIS and RIS by analyzing and ...
November 19th 2012 Freeware    2,157k
SIP Inspector
SIP Inspector is a tool written in JAVA to simulate different SIP messages and scenarios. You can create your own SIP signaling scenarios, customize SIP messages and monitor incoming and outgoing messages. The tool can play RTP streams from a ...
January 29th 2013 Freeware    415k
UI Inspector for Eclipse
UI Inspector for Eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that shows information for selected SWT controls, views/editors, perspectives, actions and associated data in the Eclipse IDE or RCP.
March 4th 2013 Freeware    27k
Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
The Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a powerful tool for managing and troubleshooting the Wi-Fi on a Windows XP SP2 or later, Vista, or 7 laptop. Built in tests enable you to characterize the integrity and performance of your Wi-Fi connection. ...
May 8th 2013 Freeware    27,034k
Malware Inspector
Malware Inspector 2.11 (4.10.2012) What is Malware Inspector? Malware Inspector is powerfull anti-malware, antispyware tool that protects your computer against viruses, worms and other dangerous software that could attach while surfing the Internet. It detects more than 90% viruses, worms ...
January 10th 2013 Freeware    4,137k
NVIDIA Inspector
A tool that can read all information related to your NVIDIA graphics card and overclocking. In addition to the graphics card information this application provides you with overclocking options.Release notes: New ReleaseTE possible bugfix for low resolution GUI glitch in ...
May 5th 2013 Freeware    164k
Secunia Personal Software Inspector
The Secunia PSI works by examining files on your computer (primarily .exe, .dll, and .ocx files). These files contain non-specific meta information provided by the software vendor only. This data is the same for all users, and originates from the ...
January 22nd 2013 Freeware    717k
Cyber Inspector Professional
Have you ever wondered what is your computer REALLY doing? Have you ever wondered what other people who use your computer are REALLY doing? If you need to know the answer, the program you need is Cyber Inspector Professional! Cyber ...
January 23rd 2013 Freeware    2,048k
VSO Inspector
VSO-Inspector is a free add-on to report various information about your hardware configuration. Using this freeware, you can check the listed cd and dvd readers and writers connected to your computer, check the firmware used. The details about the media ...
May 20th 2013 Freeware    2,253k
XVI32 is a freeware hex editor running under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.XVI32 has the following main features. Especially note the highlighted advantages of XVI32. * data inspector to view decoded numbers (see screen ...
March 2nd 2013 Freeware    502k
GS Inspector
Long story short, you will have two pictures in front of you, one of them is original and the other is modified. There are 5 differences between those pictures and it is up to you to find them in a ...
April 7th 2013 Freeware    7,178k
Holmsie is a simple HTML(5) problems detector for Mozilla Firefox. It uses the holmes CSS diagnostic stylesheet to highlight potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML(5) markup. To enable the holmsie inspector in the context of the current page, click the ...
January 9th 2013 Freeware    215k
Color Inspector 3D
Color Inspector 3D is a Firefox extension designed to enable you to view the colors of a picture in a RGB-color cube. When the user right clicks on an image, the option "show Color Inspector with Image" is shown in ...
February 17th 2013 Freeware    20k
PSPOP3 Inspector
PSPOP3 Inspector offers to you a preview possibility for your POP3 accounts, as well as the possibility to delete "bad emails" direct on the server. With the program you spare traffic, delete viruses, worms and spam emails directly on the ...
June 16th 2013 Freeware    1,249k
Desktop Inspector
Detects whether, on the Desktop or in any other location, there are unknown invisible items, i.e. files or folders you created unwillingly or by accident, or were created by a third-party software. You may then decide to view or ...
September 22nd 2013 Freeware    1,638k
Bluetooth Device Inspector
Bluetooth Device Inspector shows details about devices that are near, but not currently connected to, your computer. Requirements: OS X 10.4.3 or later. Universal Binary
September 12th 2013 Freeware    307k
Desktop Inspector FREEWARE
‘Desktop Inspector’ detects whether, on the Desktop or in any other location, there are unknown invisible items, i.e. files or folders you created unwillingly or by accident, or were created by a third-party software. You may then decide to view ...
October 25th 2013 Freeware    1,638k
Yahoo! Mail disabled free access to its POP3 service in April 2002. This resulted in many people (including myself) to look for alternative free POP3 services. But this exercise can be very difficult because of the fact that your Yahoo! ...
June 28th 2002 Freeware  5 stars 415k
AdvancedRemoteIn fo
- Information about PC Hardware- Information about Networking configuration- Information about the logged on user- List, kill and start processes on remote pcs!- Start and stop services- Shows installed software- You can de-install software on the remote pc!- Shows shares ...
January 9th 2003 Freeware  4.5 stars 3,470k
The most efficient and powerful web-editor, whether you're an experienced web professional or just a novice starting with your first web site, it is the complete set of features and tools you need to design, build and publish web sites ...
October 4th 2004 Freeware    2,048k
Paessler URL Recorder
Paessler URL Recorder helps to find out the URLs and POSTDATA strings that a user sends to a web server while surfing a sequence of URLs. It works like a standard web browser, whereby you enter a URL at the ...
March 31st 2005 Freeware    740k
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