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Ipconfig Route Netstat

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NetStat Agent
NetStat Agent is a powerful and easy-to-use network toolkit for monitoring and diagnosing. It includes all useful network tools like netstat, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, dns query (nslookup), whois, arp, route and http checker. It provides you with the ability to ...
November 16th 2006 Shareware    2,334k
NetStat Agent Portable
NetStat Agent makes diagnosing network connections and troubleshooting connection problems a snap. Combining and enhancing a number of functions provided by the command-line utilities, NetStat Agent gathers all information about the network and connection configuration in one place. You will ...
February 5th 2009 Shareware    2,412k
Win IP Config
This tool combines the annoying command line tools ipconfig.exe, route.exe and netstat.exe. Additionally, it provides a convenient and powerful mechanism to manage routing entries, where routes can either be added or removed as needed. Routes can also be defined as ...
September 24th 2006 Freeware  5 stars 919k
X-NetStat Professional
X-NetStat Professional manages your current Internet and network connections. Information shown includes local and remote addresses, local and remote ports, connection status, connection age, bandwidth used, and the program/process behind it. Includes Auto-WHOIS lookup tools, Network Statistics (Interface, TCP, IP, ...
March 9th 2005 Shareware    1,713k
Route Manager
Route Manager is a complete application that allows vending operators to easily manage and track every aspect of a vending operation. Track new and potential leads that become customers. Quickly place equipment in accounts and track the products, commissions and ...
September 4th 2010 Commercial    1,076k
Real NetStat
Real NetStat is a powerful and easy-to-use network utility for monitoring TCP and UDP connections on your computer. It is a great alternative to command-line netstat.exe Windows tool, but shows much more information including geographical location of remote IP-addresses together ...
May 8th 2011 Shareware    2,156k
IPJudo 1.1a
The kick'n TCP/IP diagnostic toolkit - cool tools for network troubleshooting. Includes GeoRoute (graphical trace route on world map), iSpeed (Internet speed tester analyzes connection quality), LAN (LAN scanner finds IP devices), NetStat (identify the process that created a TCP/IP ...
October 8th 2011 Shareware    4,096k
AnalogX NetStat Live
AnalogX NetStat Live is a small, easy-to-use TCP/IP protocol monitor which can be used to see your exact throughput on both incoming and outgoing data - whether you're using a modem, cable modem, DSL, or local network. This software also ...
April 26th 2013 Freeware    366k
Route Generator for Linux
Route Generator is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help you draw routes on a map and generate a movie from it. This movie can be imported in your video editing software (e.g. Pinnacle Studio), so you ...
June 16th 2013 Freeware    9,830k
Free Route Planner MyRouteOnline
MyRouteOnline is an easy to use route planner that helps save time, fuel and money by helping you plan the best route possible. Online route planning goes far beyond paper maps or a GPS system. online route planning is the ...
July 27th 2014 Freeware    11k
642 902 Free Cisco CCNP ROUTE Test ZQ
Practice for the 642-902 Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) exam for Cisco Network Professional (CCNP) certification. Realistic questions are available with a familiar, simple interface to allow you to test your knowledge and get a better feel for the exam.Requirements: ...
May 11th 2013 Freeware    11,694k
TekSIP Route Server
TekSIP is a SIP Registrar and SIP Proxy for Windows. TekSIP supports UDP, TCP and TLS transports. TLS is supported in only commercial editions. TekSIP is tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2003-2008 server. Please see ...
May 11th 2013 Demo    1,434k
Code de la Route A la Carte
Venez dA©couvrir Code de la Route A la Carte, LA solution la plus complA?te et efficace pour vous entra*ner comme A l*auto A©cole ! Vous A?tes en train de prA©parer l*examen du code de la route ? Vous dA©sirez ...
October 27th 2013 Freeware    391,168k
Code de la Route 2013
**** Profitez pour une durA©e limitA©e de l*offre spA©ciale de lancement : 6.99a‚¬ **** Venez dA©couvrir le Code de la Route 2013, LA solution la plus complA?te et efficace pour vous entra*ner comme A l*auto A©cole ! Vous A?tes ...
August 26th 2013 Shareware     
MyRouteOnline Excel Add-in Route Planner
MyRouteOnline is an easy to use route planner that that allows you to plan routes from Excel spreadsheet. Excel Add-in that uploads addresses and saves time, fuel and money by helping you map multiple locations and find the best route. ...
December 27th 2014 Freeware    3,184k
NetShooter is a set of network tools useful in diagnosing networks. It&aposs a graphical interface that is missing in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It is a set of powerful network tools for everyday use with Windows 2000 and Windows ...
May 26th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 1k
NetworkActiv Scanner
NetworkActiv Scanner is a Cost effective, Fast, Easy to use, Advanced network scanner with many useful features. This is not just a network scanner, with this you can perform DNS dig, whois, and much more. No other network scanner compares ...
November 16th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 1,720k
X-NetStat displays information on your Internet and / or network connections in realtime. Details of each connections are shown in a list called the connection table, including remote hostname and IP address, local and remote ports, connection status, age, and ...
July 23rd 2004 Shareware    441k
X-NetStat Professional
X-NetStat Professional displays information on all your current Internet and network connections in a graphical interface. Information shown includes local and remote addresses, local and remote ports, the status, the age of the connection, and the program/process behind it. Includes ...
August 29th 2004 Shareware    1,330k
Calculate Mileage Charts and Tables with Microsoft MapPoint.
Calc. tables for serving customers and suppliers, or to create "road atlas" tables. Destinations can also be sorted with only the closest being reported.
Can output distances, travel times and/or estimated costs to Excel.
Supports ...
February 21st 2005 Shareware    3,837k
NavTools Route
Complete voyage planning utility for ocean and coastal shipping and yachts,unlimited number of waypoints, greatcircle or rhumbline. Caculates average weather enrouteas well as estimated vessels performance and optimal speed settings.Includes hurricane tracking, calculation of CPA and TCPA of tropical storm ...
December 31st 2004 Shareware    1,812k
The Ultimate Troubleshooter
This is the most complete and most effective PC Tuning program ever written. It is the Ultimate Startups Manager : a Task, Services, and Startups Manager which, thanks to included recommendations on about every Windows background task, empowers any user ...
December 1st 2005 Demo  5 stars 11,638k
Visual Trace Route
FREE Visual replacement for the standard trace route utility. The fastest way to get the route between your computer and any other computer in the world. A utility that traces a packet from your computer to an Internet host, showing ...
March 14th 2005 Freeware    595k
Scannet Pro
Network Monitor,Intern Firewall.Trace route,Shows release,Lists devices and network services,observing network release,observing all ports,direct access on all network releases in LAN,WAN and Internet.more information, about tool,on right mouse click.observing of all network releases, also all background connections of exchange programms like ...
January 21st 2007 Shareware  5 stars 11,118k
Advanced Netstat
Did you ever wonder what program opened that strange port that suddenly appeard in netstat ? Then Advanced Netstat is what you need ! Many trojans,backdoors,viruses and worms open ports on your system to allow an attacker to access your ...
April 20th 2005 Shareware    1k
JOpt.NET - Vehicle Routing Software Library
JOpt.NET TourPlanner is an automated vehicle routing software and dispatching .NET component for logistic applications that can solve Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP) and Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows (CVRPTW,VRPTW). JOpt.NET offers route and transport optimisation with respect to ...
November 29th 2006 Demo    4,004k
GPS Navigator with using a scanned maps and possibility to open a lot of maps together.
- you can show a current GPS data (Speed, Direction, Longitude, Latitude, Time, Date, Height);
- you can open any of scanned maps (in ...
January 14th 2007 Demo  5 stars 4,673k
Route Tracer
Route Tracer is the application that allows you to trace the route over the network between two systems, listing all the intermediate routers a connection must pass through to get to its destination. Route Tracer provides the physical geographical locations ...
November 11th 2007 Shareware    23,674k
FREE PacketTrap pt360 ToolSuite
The FREE pt360 Tool Suite (from PacketTrap Networks: features a unique differentiated centralized dashboard and includes network reporting, diagnostic and monitoring from a single intuitive interface. The FREE solution contains: network discovery, network inventory, open source tools (i.e. Nagios, ...
November 18th 2007 Freeware    6,922k
PacketTrap Syslog Server
PacketTrap Syslog Server receives, logs and displays syslog messages from routers, switches, and any other syslog enabled device. Filter by facility, severity, date, host name, key word, forward to another syslog server and export to a file. Syslog Server is ...
February 12th 2008 Shareware    6,922k
Related Scripts
Trace Route Component
Perform internet route tracing to determine network delays and topology. The Trace Route component for .NET is a fully featured, easy to use implementation of the trace route protocol for .NET and ASP.NET applications. The component offers .NET developers complete ...
May 4th 2012 Freeware     
Calculation of Intermediate nodes of a Reaction Route Graph
The program takes the intermediate stoichiometric matrix of a chemical reaction mechanism as the input and gives the intermediate nodes in terms of all the possible combinations of p-(q-1) reaction steps. This program is complimentary to the "Reaction Routes" program. ...
May 9th 2013 Shareware    10k
Implementation of Shortest Route framed in GUI
The GUI framed in this m-file will find out the Shortest Route in the network Topologies. First, User have to load the network (Adjacent matrix). Then run the algorithm and fill the information in GUI like Source node, Destination Node ...
May 24th 2013 Shareware    10k
Firewall Script Generator
Firewall Script Generator is originated from PHP language that gives features to build a firewall system on your websites. It produces the required IPCHAINS and IPTABLES that are used to construct a firewall. It grabs IP addresses from netstat and ...
December 7th 2005 Freeware     
osTicket is a widely-used PHP ticket system which is also believed to be the best open source supoort ticket solution. It seamlessly integrates inquiries created via email, phone and web-based forms into a simple easy-to-use multi-user web interface. Manage, organize ...
May 20th 2013 Freeware    481k
Tray Control for Apache Web Server
This is a script which is developed for providing control to the apache server and show icon on the system tray. This tool provide several options to show the server informations by graphical user interface like displaying list of built ...
December 7th 2005 Freeware     
X-NetStat displays information on your Internet and / or network connections in realtime. Details of each connection are shown in a list called the connection table, including remote hostnames and IP addresses, ports used, status, age, and program.
November 25th 2005 Commercial     
X-NetStat Professional
X-NetStat Professional shows your current Internet and network connections in a graphical interface (remote address, ports used, age, EXE process, status). Includes IP-Lookup Tools, Network Statistics, Remote Access Server, Rules, Port Database.
December 15th 2005 Commercial     
PINDERFUL - Pinterest Clone
There is a saying, “One spark of idea can light up the world.” Time and again, we all have witnessed this happen as more and more people make billions out of an innovative concept.

If you want to make a fortune ...
March 8th 2012 Commercial     
Using the Win32 IPHelper API
This function will return a list of ports (TCP/UDP) that the current machine is listening on. It's basically a replacement for parsing netstat output but also serves as a good example for using the IP Helper API.
April 21st 2012 Freeware     
Related Code
BKTraceRoute 3.0.0
The BKTraceRoute v3.0 .NET class collection contains TraceRoute and associated utilityclasses for tracing the route to one or more remote hosts either synchronously orasynchronously.The current version includes:1. Both synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (non-blocking) methods for tracing routesto remote hosts.2. Fully ...
February 16th 2006     604k
FreeMAC v1.0 - Changes your MAC Address
FreeMAC v1.0 Release FreeMAC allows you to change the MAC Address of your network adapter. Usage should be easy to understand, you can check your new MAC address by launchin ipconfig /all through the console under W2k/XP or winipcfg under ...
August 29th 2006     18k
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