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EMS MySQL Manager Lite
EMS MySQL Manager Lite is an excellent freeware graphical tool for MySQL Server administration. MySQL Manager works with any MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.06 and supports all of the latest MySQL features including views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB ...
February 21st 2005 Freeware  5 stars 11,960k
PremiumSoft MySQL Studio
PremiumSoft MySQL Studio is a set of graphical database management, reporting and monitoring tools for MySQL database systems.

This program lets users access local and remote MySQL databases easily. You can:
- Browse your databases
- Create and delete databases, ...
November 16th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 5k
Access-to-MySQL is a program to move MS Access databases to MySQL server. All MS Access data types and attributes are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and works with all versions of MySQL server.
February 6th 2003 Commercial  5 stars 413k
MySQL-to-Access is a program to convert MySQL databases into MS Access format. All MySQL data types are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and works with all versions of MySQL servers.
February 6th 2003 Commercial  5 stars 414k
MSSQL-to-MySQL is a program to move MS SQL databases to MySQL server. All MS SQL data types and attributes are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and works with all versions of MySQL server.
February 6th 2003 Commercial  4.5 stars 474k
Mysql Data Manager is an advanced instrument for the online management of databases over the Web.
This is an all-inclusive web based mysql front end providing a powerful interface for databases management, development and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make ...
October 22nd 2003 Commercial  5 stars 85k
MySQL Snap
MySQL Snap is a rapid and robust software, intended for creating backup copies of MySQL database or a collection of databases as well as for recovering or transferring the data to another SQL server (not necessarily a MySQL server). The ...
October 15th 2003 Shareware    1,189k
Access MySql Converter
Access MySql Converter is for bulk database conversion between MySql databases and MS Access databases, best matching original data types and rows.
August 18th 2003 Shareware    1,029k
DBConvert for Access & MySQL
DBConvert for Access & MySQL is a database converter which performs MS Access (mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access conversions. Features: Unicode Support, Primary keys and Indexes conversion, Interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode, renaming of tables, fields, ...
June 21st 2005 Shareware    9,025k
MySQL Turbo Manager Enterprise
MySQL Turbo Manager is a powerful software solution for MySQL Database administration and development. With our very intuitive interfase you will save time and money.

MySQL Turbo Manager works with all MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.0.25 and supports all ...
December 7th 2006 Shareware    9,708k
MySQL Maestro
MySQL Maestro is the premier MySQL admin tool for database management, control and development.

MySQL Maestro provides you with the ability to perform all the necessary database operations such as creating, editing, copying, extracting and dropping database objects. It supports ...
December 21st 2006 Shareware  5 stars 8,875k
EMS MySQL Manager Professional
EMS MySQL Manager is a powerful tool for MySQL Database Server administration and development. MySQL Manager works with any MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.06 and supports all of the latest MySQL features including views, stored procedures and functions, InnoDB ...
February 21st 2005 Shareware    13,875k
MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL
MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is a visual development system intended for database design, modeling, creation, modification and reverse engineering in an easy and powerful way. It not only accelerates and makes the process of database creation clear but also ...
June 23rd 2005 Shareware    40,901k
Backup Watcher for MySQL
Program Backup Watcher for MySQL is intended for making DB backups of the MySQL server. Archiving can be done on the local computer as well as using the remote server in the
Internet. The program has the built – in ...
April 12th 2006 Shareware  5 stars 3,884k
SQL Balance for MySQL
Database Administrators, rejoice! Business owners and IT managers, take a note! Now there is no need to compare and synchronize databases run by MySQL manually, wasting valuable and quite expensive DBA’s time. SQLBalance compares different databases, highlights the differences and ...
April 20th 2006 Shareware  5 stars 4,130k
Excel to MySQL Import, Export & Convert
Connect Excel to your MySQL database. This Excel Add-in allows you to import and export tables to (and from) MySQL while you work in Excel. No SQL query knowledge needed.
December 18th 2005 Shareware    5,833k
Recovery for MySQL
Recovery for MySQL is a powerful data recovery software for corrupted MySQL Server database files (.MYD and .MYI). Recovers table structure and data, restores indexes. Saves retrieved information in Transact-SQL script fit for quick database recreation. Easy to use, no ...
January 21st 2006 Demo    1,779k
DAC for MySQL (also known as MySQLDAC) is the most powerful component suite for Delphi/C++Builder/MySQL. This component suite allows you to create Delphi/C++Builder applications with direct access to MySQL DB without BDE and ODBC. BLOB fields are supported. MySQLDAC was ...
February 1st 2006 Shareware  5 stars 33,114k
Excel MySQL Import, Export & Convert
Connect Excel to your MySQL database. This Excel Add-in allows you to import and export tables to (and from) MySQL while you work in Excel. No SQL query knowledge needed.
February 22nd 2006 Shareware    5,866k
GUI Client for MySQL Database Server administartion and development.
Some key features:

- Manage database
- Views
- Triggers
- Stored procedures and functions
- BLOB fields
- Modify data
- SQL Editor
- Manage privileges
- Backup and restore ...
May 17th 2006 Shareware    1,039k
Smart Suite for MySQL
Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare, synchronize, navigate and backup SQL databases manually. Smart Suite for MySQL will do all this for you. Smart Suite for MySQL includes: Backup Watcher for MySQL (for database backup), SQLBalance for ...
July 17th 2006 Shareware  5 stars 9,060k
MyISQL (Interactive SQL for MySQL) is a database administration solution for managing MySQL(tm) databases. It allows to build SQL queries using SQL Editor with SQL syntax highlighting and SQL Query History features; build SQL queries using Visual QueryBuilder; automate routine ...
April 5th 2006 Shareware    3,464k
MySQL Auto Backup Standard Edition
MySQL Auto Backup is a powerful Windows software to schedule backup and restore your remote/local MySQL databases to your local/remote computer.
MySQL Auto Backup can be used to schedule backup one/multiple MySQL database(s) to the local SQL/PHP files, and support ...
April 12th 2006 Shareware  5 stars 3,088k
DBSync for Access & MySQL
DBSync for Access & MySQL performs MS Access (mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access database conversions with synchronization and ability to choose particular tables to be converted simply by configuring several options in wizard-like application. Ability to organize application ...
May 10th 2006 Shareware    7,357k
Access MySQL Import, Export & Convert
This application will allow you to transfer tables to and from Access and MySQL databases. Importing and exporting can be done without SQL knowledge.
May 11th 2006 Shareware    337k
Spotlight on MySQL
Spotlight on MySQL displays a complete visual representation of the MySQL database allowing you to observe actual activity, including process flows and configuration settings in real time from a single display. It quickly identifies performance bottlenecks and problem areas in ...
June 3rd 2006 Freeware    25,468k
Nerocode MySQL Client Free Edition
Nerocode MySQL Client is a powerful tool designed to automate and simplify database development process. It also provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements, query and manipulate data in different ways.

Some key ...
August 15th 2006 Freeware    1,082k
MySQL Service Center
MySQL Service Center is a multi-functional Windows GUI utility for MySQL server maintenance and data reservation. MySQL Server Center allows you to create tasks for backing your data into a script, restoring data from a script, analyzing, checking, repairing and ...
September 10th 2006 Shareware    3,315k
MySQL Data Wizard
MySQL Data Wizard is a powerful Windows GUI utility for managing your MySQL data. It provides you with a number of easy-to-use wizards for performing the required data manipulation easily and quickly. MySQL Data Wizard allows you to generate PHP ...
September 10th 2006 Shareware    10,150k
MySQL Compare Two Tables Software
Find content differences between two tables in a MySQL database. Find added and deleted records. Find changed data within the tables.
February 1st 2007 Shareware    2,551k
Related Scripts
PDF Report Generator for MySQL
Create PDF reports from MySQL tables, using a customizable, Flash 7-based layout builder.
July 23rd 2006 Commercial    4,404k
CDSITE - installer of last version Apache, MySQL, PHP and CRON for Windows. CDSITE runs from any location, including directories with names containing spaces, CD or DVD. Includes interactive monitor
October 8th 2006 Freeware    18,740k
DBForms from MS Access to PHP + MySQL
DBForms from MS Access to PHP + MySQL is an application to convert Microsoft Access databases (mdb) and MS Access Forms to AJAX based WEB page using PHP and MySQL. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to ...
August 29th 2007 Commercial    5,827k
Database Converter – MySQL to MSSQL provides database migration solution to convert selected table records or entire database from MySQL databases to MSSQL database format. The proficient and advance db database file converter tool facilitates to overwrite the existing database ...
November 27th 2008 Commercial    1,423k
DbFacePHP for MySQL
DbFacePHP is a real self-service MySQL web interface, PHP application builder and sql reporting tool.It is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration and application building for MySQL over the Web. Building MySQL applications, tabular, summary, chart ...
June 20th 2012 Commercial    2,344k
MySQL Dump Script
This script is used to dump simple MySQL tables to a string (and then you can save it in a file if you want, or let user download it). The usage of MySQL Dump is so simple, that you can ...
March 5th 2012 Freeware     
MySQL Manager
MySQL Manager is based on PHP MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. The framework provides easy error handling, automatic update, create, delete querys, easy objects and classes management. The framework enables easy web sites and applications development.
January 12th 2012 Freeware     
MySQL Cookie Auth
MySQL Cookie Auth allows you to authenticate users for an application.
March 7th 2012 Freeware     
PHP/MySQL calendar/datebook
PHP/MySQL calendar/datebook is a calendar of events using MySQL and OverLIB.
January 27th 2012 Freeware     
Access to MySQL
Access to MySQL is a small program that will convert Microsoft Access Databases to MySQL. Features: - Wizard interface. - Transfer data directly from one server to another. - Create a dump file. - Select tables to transfer. - Select ...
January 12th 2012 Freeware     
Related Code
Fill a select Box From database (mysql database)
This is an example of how you can fill a select box with values and text from a mysql database. It shows how to connect to the database and loop through the fields and add the data in a select ...
March 7th 2006     2k
Tutorial on using DB Express Components with MySQL v1.1
Is is a Simple Database Tutorial written in C++ (Kylix IDE)
which Demonstrates using DBExpress components with MySQL
Server, portable across platform Linux(Kylix C++) and Windows
(C++ Builder 6+)
October 8th 2006     72k
Form1 Builder MYSQL 30
With Form1 Builder MYSQL you can automatically have form submission data added to your MYSQL database with protection against form hijacking, email injection and email harvesting. To use the MYSQL option you must have a server based MYSQL database and ...
December 24th 2006     60k
Update image script - mysql
This Perl CGI script displays one entire database record in an HTML table. All JPEG/GIF images stored within the record are displayed in-line with the rest of the data from the record. Each MySQL column containing an image includes a ...
March 27th 2007     110k
The DigiOz MySQL DLL is a DLL written in Visual Basic .NET 2005. This DLL allows you to Query, Insert, Update and Delete records in and out of a MySQL Database using the MySQL .NET Connector 1.0.7 or higher. The ...
February 20th 2007     6k
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