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Puzzles Collection 3

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MOVIES ENCYCLOPEDIA + COLLECTION ORGANIZER + DVD PRICE WATCH combined inside a child-play to use program. The swiss-knife of movie lovers, totally FREE !

Coollector blends 3 types of information into a unique interface:
1) your cinematographical culture and taste ...
February 22nd 2007 Freeware  5 stars 13,576k
The Jcwd - Japanese Puzzles
The Jcwd is the logic game for solving single and multicolor Japanese puzzles. Japanese puzzles (also known as Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Nonograms or Japanese Crosswords) are puzzles with hidden picture. If the puzzle is solved correctly, the picture will ...
April 13th 2011 Shareware    140k
C++ Builder Examples Collection
This collection will help you to quickly and simply adopt and apply the knowledge of experienced programmers. What you will find here is a set of examples for most used methods and components in everyday programming. Save yourself hours of ...
February 8th 2013 Demo    34,304k
License Plate Math
License Plate Math is a fun game you can play on the road as well as on the computer. There is a virtually unlimited number of math puzzles, with 3 ways to play. The 11 levels of difficulty ensure continuing ...
December 19th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 898k
Sudo Sudoku
Sudo Sudoku Puzzle Game, can generate endless number of Sudoku Puzzles in 3 diffrent levels, you can print the puzzles. And you can also generate runnable Sudokus that you can email to your friends. Sudo Sudoku has a easy windows ...
October 31st 2006 Freeware    357k
Emjysoft Sudoku
Create an unlimited number of puzzles in 3 difficulty degreesThe rules for solving a Sudoku are simple: each row, column and region must contain the numerals from 1 through 9 exactly once.
August 2nd 2011 Freeware    710k
Dot By Dot (nonograms)
Introducing Dot by Dot - the latest and greatest puzzle game app you'll never get tired of - 150 puzzles at 3 different levels (as in-app purchase)! Christmas sale for this in-app purchase! For limited time only - 50% off<br ...
January 14th 2013 Freeware    2,253k
Dot by Dot + (nonograms)
Introducing Dot by Dot - the latest and greatest puzzle game app you'll never get tired of - 150 puzzles at 3 different levels! Dot by Dot is fun, challenging, and entertaining mix of a jigsaw puzzle and sudoku. ...
January 27th 2013 Shareware    5,018k
Maze City
In "Maze City" we play as a kid who must find his dog over 30 mazes of increasing difficulty. The ambientation of the game are from 8-bit age, with chiptune music and retro graphics. Features: * 30 puzzles along ...
February 9th 2013 Shareware    38,093k
CrossDJ Free for Mac
With CrossDJ Free, MixVibes gives you access to all essential DJing functions developed for CrossDJ, elected best DJing Software in 2010 and 2011. Enjoy free of charge, the professional quality which has made MixVibes products international DJing champions. The software ...
January 8th 2013 Freeware    23,757k
Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker
Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker offers the best solution to convert your entire photo collection to DVD movies, burn them onto DVDs, and view them from your DVD players. With Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker, making a DVD from your photos couldnOCOt ...
June 3rd 2013 Shareware    36,424k
NBL Business Suite 2 Professional
Business Suite is a user friendly software package designed for soho, small and medium size company, to manage and monitor purchasing process, sales, billing, stocks, expenses and contacts It consisted of several modules, which can work independently.

1. Purchasing - ...
September 5th 2013 Shareware    128,762k
The Princess Case : A Royal SCOOP
Getting the * biggest scoop * of her career was never so hard for one intrepid reporter. How could a simple news story turn into a police investigation. The media were all smiles as the * royal couple ...
June 18th 2013 Shareware     
Deadly Association
Behind every big success is a terrible secret. Nancy Boyle, a young woman without a criminal past has been found deada€”half-nakeda€”near her home in Brooklyn. The forensic police inspectors ChloA© and Paul are on the case. There's a big surprise ...
July 28th 2013 Shareware     
CD Czar Music Collection Manager
Among the many features of CD Czar, some unique:
1. Connects to the internet Freedb database to automatically enter information about the CD currently in your CD-ROM drive, including album, artist, genre, and tracks.
2. Conveniently keeps track of music copied from ...
December 2nd 2002 Shareware  4 stars 1k
Avernum 3
Avernum 3 is an epic fantasy role-playing game, featuring a huge world,multitudes of puzzles and quests, hundreds of towns and dungeons, and afascinating storyline. Features a world which evolves as time passes. Donothing and cities will crumble, and refugees will ...
November 28th 2002 Shareware  4.5 stars 12,031k
Screensaver Collection
Our screensaver collection of nature screensavers includes: 3 Scenic Puzzles screensavers, our Ocean Screensaver, and Seasons (which changes from summer to winter.)The demo is only one screensaver, but you can get all five for only $6.99!
July 31st 2004 Shareware    2,277k
Ultimate Dice Collection
The Ultimate Dice Collection is a set of six original, exciting dice games all integrated into one. Each title uses different sets of colored dice to add to the challenge. Strategy and a bit of luck are key! Four of ...
September 29th 2005 Shareware    7,985k
Amigos Number Puzzles
Create an unlimited number of Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki and HexKakuro puzzles with Amigos Number Puzzles compendium software. Choose from 3 difficulty levels and various grid sizes. Print the puzzles or solve on screen by typing numbers or pencilmarks, or just ...
December 30th 2008 Shareware    630k
Amigos Number Puzzles (Mac)
Create an unlimited number of Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki and HexKakuro puzzles with Amigos Number Puzzles compendium software. Choose from 3 difficulty levels and various grid sizes. Print the puzzles or solve on screen by typing numbers or pencilmarks, or just ...
July 28th 2008 Shareware    4,119k
Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer 3.30.21
File Name: CMS_PCAPP_LB_3_30_21.exe

Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer enables you to manage your entire digital music collection on both your computer and your Creative portable music player effortlessly.

To check your Creative MediaSource version number, see ???Notes' below.

You can use Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer to:

* ...
April 23rd 2011 Freeware    53,463k
Eye of Gnome
Eye of Gnome is the default image viewer for the Gnome Desktop. Beside the general image viewing component (which is also used by the Nautilus filemanager), there is now a first version of a photo collection view.

Of course, this can ...
February 26th 2011 Freeware    3,553k
ScrapBook for Linux
ScrapBook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to manage and save Web pages and collections.

Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy and multi-language support.

Here are some key features of "ScrapBook":

· Save Web page
· Save snippet of Web page
· Save Web ...
August 16th 2011 Freeware    246k
Animated Puzzles #3
A puzzle game for all ages. The player can choose 12, 24, 48 or 96 pieces. Hints are available to help solve a puzzle. When a puzzle is completed it is animated using 3D graphics. The full program comes on ...
March 9th 2011 Shareware    15,360k
The 3 Musketeers - EXTENDED EDITION
The * EXTENDED EDITION * has finally arrived! Discover or rediscover HdO's hidden object games in their EXTENDED EDITION versions! * New puzzles * New scenes * New objects * New mini-games ...
December 8th 2012 Shareware    91,136k
Big Holidays Smiley Collection
Big Holidays is not only the holidays we most like, but this is also a collection of big, very BIG smileys! The collection features Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, Easter and Mother's and Father's days. PostSmile lets you insert Smileys and ...
March 2nd 2013 Freeware    1,485k
Happy Birthday Smiley Collection
Happy Birthday Collection includes a variety of 6 different sets of animated smileys and emoticons. Categories include Congratulations, Fun, Gifts, Cake, ABC and Numbers. PostSmile lets you insert Smileys and Emoticons (static or animated GIF files), photos and pictures (JPEG ...
January 4th 2013 Freeware    977k
Spring and Easter II Smiley Collection
The Spring and Easter II Smiley Collection for PostSmile includes a variety of 6 different sets of animated gif images. Categories include Easter Egg, Easter Chick, Happy Easter and two Spring groups. PostSmile ( lets you insert Smileys and Emoticons ...
April 9th 2013 Freeware    1,106k
Recorded TV Manager 3 Build
Recorded TV Manager is a collection of Microsoft WindowsT« applications that are designed specifically for home networks with one or more Windows Media Center machines recording television programming for later viewing (time-shifting). Manage Your Collection Recorded TV Manager 3 is ...
May 28th 2013 Freeware    5,427k
Hidden Collection 2 HD - Fun Seek and Find Hidden Object Puzzles
From the makers of the Top 100 iPad trivia game Hidden Collection - Go on a quest for hidden objects in sixteen fun locations, including a carousel, tropical beach, pool hall and more. Uncover hidden treasures in detailed indoor and ...
May 31st 2013 Shareware     
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My Picture Collection
Create your own picture collection using this highly customizable sidebar widget. Add your favourite photos, cartoons and screenshots to your private media library and present them on your weblog.Installation : 1. Download zip file 2. Unzip to wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ 3. Activate ...
March 10th 2013 Freeware    10k
Best Infinite x 3 FAST-PAY E-Gold Matrix Script
Best Infinite x 3 FAST-PAY E-Gold Matrix Script for Sale! Safely Buy this Infinite x 3 FAST-PAY E-Gold Matrix Script Using Paypal - Price is just $9.95 USD - With Free Email Support! OnlyAdd - Infinite x 3 FAST-PAY E-Gold ...
December 5th 2005 Commercial     
Advanced Scroll Bar AS 3.0
The Advanced Scroll Bar AS 3 .0 component for Flash CS3 and above / ActionScript 3.0 provides extended scrolling control over any content type within Movie Clip and adapts automatically for both static and dynamic types of content.

The Scroll Bar ...
January 12th 2009 Commercial    50k
3D Stack AS 3.0
3D Stack for Flash CS3 and above / ActionScript 3.0 can be used to display groups of images, movie clips, SWFs with perspective, depth, fading and much more!

Key features:
* Adjustable images position via parameters or
* Using camera keyboard and mouse ...
January 17th 2009 Commercial    50k
HTML / XML News List AS 3.0
Highly customizable HTML / XML driven news list with custom scrolling and coloring effects. Flash CS3 / Flash CS4 and above / ActionScript 3.0 version.

You get two versions of the news list application at the price of one.

* Custom ...
January 22nd 2009 Commercial    30k
Classic Scroll Bar AS 3.0
The Scroll Bar can be configured to work in either free or snapped to content modes. You can use it in either vertical or horizontal modes and you can configure two component instances to create a Scroll Pane.

The Classic Scroll ...
February 4th 2009 Commercial    30k
XML Driven Complete Photography Template
This is a complete template with the unique video background feature. You can change the color theme of the template and you can change the video background with an image background. This possibilities make this template the most amazing one ...
September 5th 2009 Commercial    100k
Photo Collection PHP
Photo Collection is a picture organizer or an image album for the web. Pictures, along with their thumbnails, are stored in files, together. They can be organized in categories, through a database. You could need such type of software if ...
January 15th 2012 Freeware     
Simple Collection class
This script deals with a collection groups a set of objects together and forwards attribute lookups to all elements of the collection that contain the desired attribute. It's not an error for an element of the collection to be missing ...
February 14th 2012 Freeware     
random 3 CNF problem generator
Given the number of literals and clauses, this script returns a randomly generated 3-CNF sentence composed of clauses in the form of lists of tuples. The first number in the tuple is the literal; the second number is its truth ...
January 18th 2012 Freeware     
Related Code
BKTraceRoute 3.0.0
The BKTraceRoute v3.0 .NET class collection contains TraceRoute and associated utilityclasses for tracing the route to one or more remote hosts either synchronously orasynchronously.The current version includes:1. Both synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (non-blocking) methods for tracing routesto remote hosts.2. Fully ...
February 16th 2006     604k
BKPing 3.0.0
The BKPing v3.0 .NET class collection contains Ping (ICMP Echo) and associated utility classesfor pinging one or more remote hosts either synchronously or asynchronously.The current version includes:1. Both synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (non-blocking) methods for pinging remotehosts.2. Fully commented class ...
February 16th 2006     612k
XSizer 1.3.0
InOz XSizer consist of one component that helps create resolution-independent applications without having to write any code. When you add it to a form, it keeps track of the form's size and position. When the form is resized, XSizer resizes ...
February 15th 2006     257k
3-d landscape generator with a sea-level using fractals
3-d landscape generator with a sea-level using fractals.
Basic source.
May 28th 2006     27k
3-d terrain generator V1.0 (C Source)
This code will give u an idea about generating a 3D fractal surface using 3D transformations and fractal algorithm. using turbo C 3.0 (Screen Shot/Source included)
May 30th 2006     4k
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